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Star Wars fans travel to Skywalker Ranch to steal an early copy of "Episode I: The Phantom Menace" for their dying friend.

People seem to like geeking out over Star Wars, but if there’s one thing geeks would rather see than a bunch of fellow nerds going out of their way to see pint-sized Anakin in a pod-race, it’s Kristen Bell in a gold bikini. Let’s face it, that’s the real reason people are still interested in Fanboys after all this time, a movie that’s been waiting to be released for longer than I care to remember. The promise of Bell’s boobies crammed in a hard, metal halter has made the movie a must see for all the nerdsters who’ve been looking for a way to combine their Veronica Mars lust with their Jabba the Hutt fantasies.

Of course all the delays and reshoots Fanboys has suffered isn’t a good sign. There’s a pretty good chance it may miss whatever release date it’s currently assigned entirely and end up skating directly to DVD. Besides, combining cancer kids with the search to see Star Wars: Episode I seems kind of contrived. Still, we’d all love to relieve the plastic lightsaber swingin glory days of 1999. Maybe this will be our way to do it, but these characters really wanted to help their dying friend, they probably should have found a way to take him to The Matrix instead.

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Ready Player One Writer Ernest Cline Sells Movie Rights For Next Novel Armada Ready Player One Writer Ernest Cline Sells Movie Rights For Next Novel Armada
Fanboys screenwriter Ernest Cline sold the movie rights for his novel Ready Player One before the book was published, so it should come as no surprise that the same would be the case for his next planned novel, especially when you factor in the success of RPO since the book hit shelves last year. Warner Bros has the rights to Cline's first novel, and Universal has secured the rights to the second one, which was only just recently announced.

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Dan Fogler Says Fanboys 2 Is Being Planned Dan Fogler Says Fanboys 2 Is Being Planned
It seems impossible to think that anyone might be considering a sequel, considering the nosedive the first film took. But Dan Fogler, one of the stars of Fanboys says not only are they thinking about Fanboys 2

Dan Fogler Says Fanboys 2 Is Being Planned

Dan Fogler Talks About Fanboys Failure Dan Fogler Talks About Fanboys Failure
I asked Fogler how he felt about the movie's release in the end, and he put it simply: "They totally missed the boat with that one."

Dan Fogler Talks About Fanboys Failure

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