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Why George Clooney Still Hasn't Seen Ben Affleck's Batman
Although Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice did extremely well at the box office, there are people in the world who haven't seen Ben Affleck's Batman in action yet.
Why Matt Damon Took The Role In George Clooney's Suburbicon
Matt Damon has a lot of huge movies under his belt at this point. He's currently got three movies---Suburbicon, Downsizing and Ocean's Eight---in the works and he's even going to be directed by George Clooney in Suburbicon.
Why Emma Thompson Nearly Quit Brideshead Revisited
Emma Thompson has been in the acting business for quite a long time, and has taken on a slew of different movie roles during that time--some better than others.
Amber Heard's First Justice League Training Photo Is So Badass
We've known for a while that actress Amber Heard had been signed on to appear in the upcoming Justice League movie playing Mera, the queen of the sea. Here's what training for that looks like.
Why Smurfette Was Pulled From Israeli Smurfs 3 Billboards
The third Smurfs movie is hitting theaters near the beginning of April, and many have been excited about the inclusion of more female Smurfs into the Smurfs universe. That is, at least in parts of the world.
Whoops! Turkish City Accidentally Broadcasts Audio From Porn Movie Through Neighborhood
In the Turkish town of Kastamonu, loudspeakers are used to impart messages and send out Muslim prayer calls to the public in neighborhoods all over the city. Except when that's not what happens.
How The Internet Reacted To Han Solo Apparently Being An Alias
We've finally learned a bit more about the Han Solo movie, and the Internet has reacted to the big news. Here are the results.
Apparently Keira Knightley Had No Faith In Pirates Of The Caribbean
Keira Knightley had taken on a few big roles before taking on one of the leads in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Cures of the Black Pearl, but it was that movie that really made her a household name.
Power Rangers Is Running Into Some Major Problems In Russia
Power Rangers finally hit theaters this weekend, and while we initially thought the biggest drama would relate to the darker themes present in the movie, as it turns out the movie is dealing with other issues.
Why Brie Larson Decided To Play Captain Marvel
Once Marvel announced that Captain Marvel would indeed become a movie, the real question for some time related to which lucky lady would land the big role. Now that Brie Larson is in, here's why she says she took the role.
The Live Action Barbie Movie Has Suffered A Big Setback
We're in the midst of a long line of toys being turned into movies, and it seemed for a while that the live-action Barbie movie would be the next of these projects to be made.
The Hilarious Way Nicolas Cage Convinced Laura Dern To Join Jurassic Park
Of all the Jurassic Park stories in the world, this one is among the funniest. No really.
Why Rotten Tomatoes Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Movies, According To Brett Ratner
Instead of individual voices like Roger Ebert telling us what to consume, there are myriad opinions on the Internet available to help you and your family weigh the pros and cons. But one man thinks that's a bad thing.
How Much Netflix Is Shelling Out For Original Movies
If you've been keeping any tabs on Netflix over the past few years, you should be aware that Netflix has been seriously ramping up its original programming. But that costs.
2017 Netflix Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows
Netflix has spent the past couple of years really pushing out original content. This includes comedies and dramas, but also kids shows, documentaries, animated programs and even a talk show. Here's what's coming up.
Sheriff's Hilariously Reasonable Response To Teen Caught Carting Beer And Weed To Spring Break
Spring break can be a great time when planned appropriately. It can be a time to bust out new bikinis and meet new people all while perfecting your tan. Or, you know, get arrested.
New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In April 2017
It's a big month for movie releases, with a few holdover awards nominees finally hitting Blu-ray and DVD, as well as several big box office movies. Who am I kidding, though? Let's talk Rogue One.
What's Going On With The Downton Abbey Movie, According To One Actor
Since the wildly popular ITV series ended, there have been reports that Julian Fellowes and co. might be putting together a big screen follow-up starring our favorite characters.
How Emma Watson Thanked Fans For Seeing Beauty And The Beast
Emma Watson is currently starring in Disney's latest live action film Beauty and the Beast, and the movie has already done incredibly well during its first few days at the box office.
One Beauty And The Beast Scene Dan Stevens Is Really Proud Of
Beauty and the Beast looks beautiful on the big screen. But there's a lot of work that goes into that Beauty.
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