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Top Gun 2 May Have Already Found A Director

The upcoming project is clearly still in the early stages of development, but Cruise did announce yesterday that he hopes the project gets off the ground next year. This means the search for a director is on.

Clerks Actress Lisa Spoonauer Is Dead At 44

Lisa Spoonauer, an actress known for playing Caitlin Bree in the cult favorite movie Clerks, is dead at 44.

Gal Gadot Almost Quit Acting Before Landing The Wonder Woman Role

It's not uncommon for actors and actresses to get out of the business, as they move on to other careers in the industry, like writing or directing, or even get into another industry altogether.

Why Filming The Sex Scene For Gone Girl Was Wildly Awkward, According To Neil Patrick Harris

If you know anything about David Fincher, you probably know that he's quite the taskmaster while directing. Even during sex scenes.

New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In May 2017

This month, keep your eyes peeled for Logan, the R-rated ending chapter to the Wolverine-oriented flicks and more!

Rihanna And Lupita Nyong'o Are Actually Starring In A Movie Together After Social Media Demands It

Netflix just keeps on giving. The subscription streaming service has been busy banging out original content for the past several years now, and securing rights for even more content.

What Is The Dark Universe? Universal Reveals All

Dark Universe. Sounds good, should be good. Here's what Universal is saying about the new universe.

How Hollywood's Iconic Chinese Theater Is Celebrating 90 Years

The TCL Chinese Theatre is turning 90 this year, and the theatre has big plans to celebrate the big anniversary.

The Worst Parts Of Playing A Xenomorph In Alien

It's not just superhero movies that feature characters with uncomfortable costumes. Honestly.

Why Mantis' Creator Is Pissed About Her Portrayal In Guardians 2

A lot of people loved the introduction of Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as she added new complexity to Drax's ability to form relationships, and had some truly funny moments.

How Alexandra Daddario Got Bikini Fit For Baywatch

When you sign on for a role in a movie like Baywatch, you know you are going to have to be in a swimsuit a large percentage of the time.

What Kirsten Dunst Said When She Was Asked To Lose Weight For A New Role

It's quite common for an actor or actress to change his or her appearance for a movie role. Sometimes this has to do with hair color or facial hair, or even getting into shape.

The Harry Potter Actress Who Played Professor Sprout Lashed Out Over A Cursed Child Question

In J.K. Rowling's world, Professor Sprout was mostly know for her cheerful and generally positive demeanor, but in real life the actress who played the Harry Potter character is a little tetchier, at least when it comes to being asked about the famous franchise.

A Man Just Sued His Date For Texting During A Movie

If you've ever tried online dating, you should know that dates run the gamit between great and really sucky. Occasionally, they even end in a lawsuit.

The Oscars Have Already Announced Next Year's Host

We're only a few months past the Oscar flub heard 'round the world, but the Acadamy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has already found a new host.

Why Brad Pitt Is Doing Less Acting These Days

Brad Pitt has slowed down, and he's happy to explain why.

Zac Efron Is Set To Play Serial Killer Ted Bundy In New Movie

There are some serial killers. who live on in the public consciousness long after their stories have unfolded. Ted Bundy is one of those serial killers.

One Star Wars Name Is Getting Way More Popular In Real Life

Celebrity kids names like Ireland or Sailor have caught on in the past, and Marjorie has seen an uptick thanks to the popularity of Margaery on Game of Thrones--may she rest in peace. Now, it's all about Star Wars.

Josh Gad Just Addressed Those Penguin Rumors He Started

It's been two weeks since Josh Gad went online and threw out a simple picture of popular DC character the Penguin, leading fans to wonder if a role playing the popular villain might be coming.

Robert De Niro Took A Shot At His Own Comedies

Robert De Niro has been in the acting business for more than fifty years at this point, and he has taken on plenty of iconic roles during that time. Also some not-so-great ones.

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