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How The Blacklist Spinoff Did In The Ratings
When a franchise is popular, a spinoff is often the next logical step. This week, NBC premiered The Blacklist: Redemption in the same timeslot as The Blacklist. Here's how it did.
One Life Below Zero Star Is Suing, Says BBC Put Her Life At Risk
A Life Below Zero reality star is currently in the middle of a big lawsuit related to the BBC show. Susan Aikens, who is the star of Life Below Zero, is suing her network, accusing them of forcing her into dangerous situations all for the sake of a good camera shot.
Ian McShane Just Went Off On Game Of Thrones Fans
Ian McShane only popped up in HBO's Game of Thrones for a little while, but his character on the fantasy drama certainly made an impression. Now he's making an impression for another reason.
Watch A Couple's Make Out Session Implode In An Extremely Awkward Reality Show Moment
Yeah, reality shows are awkward, but usually they aren't this awkward.
What Jeffrey Dean Morgan Thinks Of The Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Controversy
Yesterday, news broke that a Walking Dead t-shirt is getting pulled from U.K. Primark stores after someone complained about the racist nature of a t-shirt stating "eeny meeny miny moe" next to an image of Negan's bat Lucille in the company's Sheffield, England location.
Will Christina Ever Return To Grey's Anatomy? Here's What Sandra Oh Says
For now, a few Grey's Anatomy original cast members are still around and the show has done a good job of bringing in other characters that we care about (or at least love to hate). But don't expect one fan-favorite to return.
Why The Game Of Thrones Season 7 Set Has A Lot More Tension
Game Of Thrones is ending. It's not ending tomorrow or even at the end of this season, but it's a fact we are going to have to acknowledge over the next year or two as fans. It's also a fact that the cast is already coming to realize.
The Late Night Ratings War Is Suddenly Heating Up
The late night game is heating up, at least in terms of where viewers are heading to catch their talk shows. Here's what is happening.
Star Renewed For Season 2 On Fox
Recently, we learned that newcomer Lethal Weapon has been renewed for Season 2 and apparently the network couldn't wait to appease us regarding another new series, either
The Surprising Amount Judge Judy's Old Episodes Might Sell For
Judge Judy has been on the air since 1996, which means there are a ton of episodes of the daytime series out in the universe. And they may go for a lot of money.
CSI's Marg Helgenberger Just Landed Her Next Big TV Role
Marg Helgenberger really hasn't been hurting for work since her tenure on CSI ended. The veteran actress first hopped to Intelligence and then made here way to Under the Dome. Now, she's landed a new role.
Why Jimmy Kimmel Might Leave Late Night TV
Jimmy Kimmel has been a late night staple for quite a long time on ABC. He's hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC since 2003 and has been a big competitor when facing off against The Late Show and The Tonight Show---both older brands.
Check Out The Disgusting Dismembered Finger Ads Netflix Had To Pull
Please note the images in this story are graphic, which is why they were pulled in the first place. Probably safe for work, but still a bit icky.
Why It's Not Weird To Work With Your Ex, According To Flip Or Flop's Christina El Moussa
As the network itself has already noted, Tarek and Christina will still film Flip or Flop together, and El Moussa shed some light on why it's not weird for her to work with her ex.
Why Timeless Went With That Big Twist Ending During Its Season 1 Finale
Despite not know what the future has in store for Timeless, the creative team ultimately opted to go with a huge twist during the drama's Season 1 finale.
Alex Trebek Rapping On Jeopardy Is The Greatest Thing You'll Hear All Day
It's college week on Jeopardy!, which means the long-running game show is working to be a bit hipper than usual. This week that meant Alex Trebek busted out his rhyming skills to bring an exciting "Let's Rap, Kids!" category to the small screen.
Watch Jimmy Fallon Cuddle A Sloth On The Tonight Show
There's something about sloths that is so intriguing and plenty of celebrities are on board with the adorable creatures, including Kristen Bell, who notably cried over one.
A Female Doctor Who? It May Be More Likely Than You Think
If you've been keeping tabs on Doctor Who, by now you know that Steven Moffat's tenure is ending on the series. So is Peter Capaldi's, which means a new Doctor will be joining the show.
When Keeping Up With The Kardashians Will Address The Paris Robbery
Season 13 of Keeping up with the Kardashians was briefly put on hold, but now the new season is moving forward soon, and Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner popped up on a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about what the Kardashians will be up to.
Silicon Valley Is Not Going To Air With Game Of Thrones This Year
We either have some really good or really bad news related to HBO coming your way. For the last several years, HBO's spring lineup has been comprised of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep.
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