Batman Arkham Knight: What We Know So Far

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Batman: Arkham Knight has been one of the most anticipated games for PS4, Xbox One and PC since it was announced in March. Rocksteady is making some huge promises in their third game starring the Dark Knight.

There's been a steady stream of official announcements, rumors and hoaxes since Arkham Knight after the first reveal. Here's everything we know (and don't know) about the game to date.

Rocksteady Studios
Rocksteady Studios
Batman: Arkham Knight is being developed by Rocksteady Studios, the creator of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. They've described Arkham Knight as the "finale" to the series.

Rocksteady is crafting the game with Unreal Engine 3, the same tech behind Asylum and City. The visuals are noticeably sharper, though, thanks in part to the platforms. Arkham Knight is the first game being developed for PS4 and Xbox One rather than PS3 and Xbox 360.

"We’re excited to be developing the game for next gen platforms, which has allowed us to bring to life the design elements that we envisioned from the beginning such as the Batmobile and how it augments Batman’s abilities, to the fully detailed and realized Gotham City," said director Sefton Hill.

The studio explained several tech improvements in the initial Game Informer preview. One character from Arkham Knight is said to have as many polygons as an entire environment from Arkham Asylum. Batman's cape and Gordon's trenchcoat will both sway from wind and movement. Gordon's face is visibly aged and will wrinkle as he talks.

WB Games Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins introduced multiplayer to the series. The Joker and Bane's gangs duke it out while Batman and Robin stalk and take out criminals from both factions. The gang members could periodically become Bane or the Joker to give their team a lift.

Batman: Arkham Knight won't be bringing back this multiplayer mode. In fact, it won't have any sort of online play.

"We want to focus on making the best single-player experience we can," Hill told Game Informer. "We don't feel that it needs a multiplayer element."

Arkham Knight brings back several of Batman's most notorious enemies, including the Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn. They're united under Scarecrow with a single mission: to finally kill Batman.

Scarecrow uses a fear toxin to cause widespread panic among Gotham's citizens. Most of them have fled the city. Gotham is effectively controlled by these supervillains, along with their army of mercenaries and drones. Batman and an outgunned police department are the only ones standing in their way.

Batman's gallery of rogues has an unexpected ally: the Arkham Knight. Arkham Knight has a high-tech suit of armor that resembles Batman's, except with the logo of Arkham on his chest. This mysterious character has a grudge against the Dark Knight for some unknown reason. The Arkham Knight's identity has been the subject of much speculation, with fans theorizing that he's really Hush, Jason Todd, or another character from Batman lore.
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