E3 2007: Heavenly Sword Trailer Quiets Naysayers

9 years ago discussion comments
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Iím sold. Iíve been one of those annoying Heavenly Sword naysayers over the past year or so, but now Iím going to shut my gab and just admit that this game looks awesome. I canít speak for how the final product will play, for obvious reasons, but even if it plays like shite, it will be worth the price of the game just to sit and revel in itís frightening graphical prowess.

Here we have our heroine doing much the same things as she always has in HS trailers; jumping from absurd heights; performing incredibly violent deeds upon her would-be dispatchers; and most importantly, standing up for all the ladies out there and saying, ďyeah we can kick some ass too.Ē

Details are still scant on the game, but expect a steady trickle of information to leak out up until about two months before itís release. I still have my doubts quite frankly, about Ninja Theoryís ability to make great games. I know itís already been said a hundred times before, but Ninja Theory + Kung Fu Chaos = Unproven Developer.

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