Mega Man And Rayman Visit The Nintendo eShop This Week

By Ryan Winslett 3 years ago discussion comments
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Itís Thursday, which means itís once again time to take a gander at the digital goodies Nintendo plans to release over the next seven days through its various virtual outlets. Itís a rather light week, actually, but with games like Mega Man 4 hitting the eShop, do you really need a bunch of filler?

We announced earlier today that the Rayman Legends Challenges app has gone live on the Wii U eShop, giving players the chance to take on the gameís diabolical speed run modes quite a few months before the official launch later this summer.

You may remember that we announced that the Wii U Virtual Console was getting its tires spinning, too, but the latest word from Nintendo doesnít include any new offerings in that department for the coming week. Additional Virtual Console games could be revealed in another press release, they might just pop up on the store without ceremony, or we might just have to settle for only the Rayman app on the Wii U this week.

Over to the 3DS eShop and the Blue Bomber will be making an appearance in Mega Man 4. Heíll be joined by Crazy Construction on Nintendoís latest handheld this week, both titles going for $4.99.

If youíre gaming on the Wii, Neo Geo classic Sengoku will be available for 900 Wii Point while, over on DSiWare, you can scripple up some fun on Color Commando. No price point has been announced yet on that last one.

To keep up to date on all of the various Nintendo virtual markets, be sure to check out the official eShop page on the Nintendo website.
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