Weekly Recap: The Last Of Us 2 Shocker And 5 Other Comic-Con Stories

By William Usher 2 years ago discussion comments
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Big shockers flooded the news channels this week, as things kicked off at the San Diego Comic-Con. The convention played (or is playing) host to a number of huge properties that make geekdom so huge, including but not limited to collector's edition figurines, toys, movies, comic books and video games (I'm sure someone might be angry I left something out of the list).

At this year's event we were treated to and teased with The Last of Us 2, some details about the upcoming movie based on Sony's popular new IP, as well as all sorts of other crazy and big news stories that happened in, around and even outside of the comic book convention. So sit back, hold on to your butts and get ready to enjoy the ride as we take a journey through a time machine to recap all the highlights and big happenings within the gaming industry in this July 26th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Xbox Entertainment Studios Shutdown
Microsot shutters the doors on the XES only a few months after securing advertising deals from major advertisers. Details on the new-gen version of Doom won't arrive until 2015. The latest version of Hearthstone goes live this week. A new trailer drops for Styx: Master of Shadows... on the PS4. Pre-order details drop for The Swapper on PS3 and PS4. A new update is detailed for the Xbox One, and a class guide is available for Destiny.
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