Batman Strikes A Fighter's Pose In Latest Dark Knight Rises Promo Image

By Sean O'Connell 2012-03-08 08:23:32discussion comments
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The Dark Knight Rises promotional train has slowed just a tad, allowing fellow summer superhero blockbusters like The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man to surge ahead with trailers an images meant to create buzz. Since it is our duty to bring to you anything and everything Dark Knight-related, however, we this morning have a striking image of Christian Bale in costume that was posted on DC Comicsí Web site (and shared via Check it out:

The blue background is a little offputting. It creates such a clean dichotomy on the image that Iím not 100% convinced this is Bale. It looks like it could be a photoshopped image used to promote one of the many Batman action figures sold around The Dark Knight Rises. But the shot does give us one of the best looks at his Bat suit, which hasnít changed drastically since Christopher Nolan introduced it in Batman Begins. Thank Schumacher, he never added nipples.

Itís funny. We mention how the Rises marketing team hasnít done much since that Bane-centric prologue and the long trailer. And why not? Because they donít have to. Rises could open in theaters tomorrow Ė unannounced Ė and it would set box-office records. The sequel might make a splash at WonderCon later this month. It might not. Warner knows it has a blockbuster waiting in the wings, and it will selectively choose what it releases and when. For today, itís Bale striking a pose in his super suit. Tomorrow? Only Nolan knows.
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