Candy Land Movie Inexplicably Gets Great Talent

By Katey Rich 2009-02-04 22:47:57discussion comments
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Candy Land Movie Inexplicably Gets Great Talent image
There was pretty much only one circumstance in which I would be willing to accept a movie based on Candy Land, the kinda-psychedelic, much-loved board game of my childhood. And that would be if it had the same mix of sappiness, sarcasm and magic as Enchanted, which was great where no one expected it to be.

And lo and behold, they went and hired Enchanted director Kevin Lima to direct Candy Land, meaning I guess I'll have to see it after all. Not only that, but Variety says they've got Etan Cohen writing the screenplay, after he's written gems like Tropic Thunder and Idiocracy.

So, once again, they're making a movie based on Hasbro toys that we're going to be excited about despite our better judgment. This seems like a more girl-friendly project than, say, G.I. Joe, which means it probably won't be as feverishly anticipated around here. But we girls who like candy colors and sarcasm will be counting the days.
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