The Dumb And Dumber To Trailer Is Hilarious And Oddly Perfect

By Mack Rawden 2 years agodiscussion comments
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After you watch the trailer, make sure you didn't miss anything important by looking at our list of 5 Dumb And Dumber To Trailer Jokes Only Die-Hard Fans Will Get.

Here's the Dumb and Dumber To trailer...

Quick, toss some salt over your shoulder! Twenty years after Dumb & Dumber hit theaters and turned Peter and Bobby Farrelly into stars and Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels into even bigger stars, all involved are back with the aptly named sequel weíd never thought weíd get, Dumb And Dumber To. Proving just how much things have changed since 1994, the upcoming filmís first trailer dropped tonight on the Jimmy Fallon-hosted Tonight Show, but fortunately for fans, the new footage seems to be just as balls to the wall and hilarious as the original offering.

The trailer opens with the gag thatís been spreading around the Internet for months. Harry Dunne is visiting Lloyd Christmas in some kind of home for the mentally challenged. We got a nice little speech about how heís been coming here for years when suddenly, Lloyd emerges from his catatonic state and proves it was all one elaborate gag. And like that, sentimentality is out the window and the trailer is off and running with ripped out cathetersÖ

And arguably the greatest sight gag Iíve seen in years. Seriously, I donít know whatís going on in the picture below, but it is hysterical and Iím pissed I just saw it in the trailer. Who invented this disguise? Are one of our heroes under there? Are are they chasing some mad genius who regularly puts together ruses like this? I need to knowÖ

It has to be said that none of the comedy in Dumb & Dumber To feels overly fresh. The trailer seems like it belongs to a film that would have come out during the 1990s, but thatís not necessarily a bad thing. You donít want to tread over the exact same ground in a comedy sequel, but you also donít want to abandon the basic premise either. Here, thatís two idiots driving a hideous car, ruining everything they touch and making as many dumbass observations as possible.

No word yet if Sea Bass will return for the sequel, but I think I speak for the entire world when I say, I would like that a lot. Weíll know for sure when Dumb & Dumber To hits theaters on November 14. Until then, you can sort through some brand new images from the film here.

Or see more insanely weird GIFs from the trailer on the next page...
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