First Scream 4 Trailer Leaks Online

By Josh Tyler 2010-10-18 00:32:54discussion comments
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First Scream 4 Trailer Leaks Online image
The first ever trailer for Scream 4 has found its way online, following its debut tonight at the Scream Awards. It begins with a phone call and what follows is, well everything youíve probably been expecting from the first Scream trailer. Itís less than sixty seconds, but thereís so much packed into that sixty seconds, it feels like a lot more.

Iíve embedded several different versions of the trailer below. Weíll update you with a high-res, official version as soon as Dimension films releases it. In the meantime, hereís the Scream 4 trailer:

UPDATE! An Official, high-res version of the trailer has been released. We've replaced the leaked versions with the official, shaky-cam free copy below.

In Scream 4, ten years have passed since the events of the last film when the Ghostface Killer resurfaces to terrorize Sidney Prescott. For more details including cast list and images visit our complete Scream 4 preview.
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