Halloween: Father Builds Aliens Power Loader Costume For Himself And His Baby

By Mack Rawden 2012-10-31 19:16:41discussion comments
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There is a certain percentage of people out there who love dressing their babies/ little kids in overly complicated outfits. Given how often kids vomit, fall down and get into disgusting situations, Iíve never really understood this, except on Halloween. Every successful parent should put their little kid in at least one outlandish costume for cute and hilarious purposes later. Oh by the way, when you were two, you went as Gollum for Halloween.

Iíve had this opinion for awhile, but even my craziest fantasies about any future children I might have never approached Jason Smithís. The father recently decided to build a joint Halloween costume for himself and his daughter that would resemble the Power Loader from Aliens. It apparently took two nights and a day, but all that time was definitely worth it. Check out this madness belowÖ

I really hope this girl grows up to be a huge Aliens fan when she gets older because if she hates the movie, her poor dad is going to die a little inside. Luckily, that movie is fucking sweet and the probability of her being down seems incredibly high.

As for the actual mechanics of this suit, it weighs roughly ten pounds and was built to dissemble quickly in case the little girl had an emergency. Luckily, she apparently had a great time all night and was very content in her Baby Bjorn which was surrounded by a roll cage which was surrounded by painted cardboard boxes.

Note to anyone who just had a baby: this is what you need to live up to next year. Start planning now.
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