Kate Upton, Her Bikini Round Out Latest Clip From The Other Woman

By Sean O'Connell 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Picture this. You suspect your husbandís cheating. You follow him to the beach to scope out his possible mistress. Through your binoculars, you realize the girl heís with isÖ Kate Upton (or played by her, at the very least). How do you respond? Hereís how Cameron Diaz (Feeling Minnesota) responds in the latest clip from the upcoming comedy, The Other Woman.

The clip comes to us via Yahoo Movies. And itís the second official clip released for director Nick Cassavetesís film to showcase swimsuit model Upton (best known for her Carlís Jr. commercials) and her natural assets. Sell those tickets to a male audience, Fox!

But if you got it, use it.

The Other Woman is an odd set up, a revenge-driven comedy about three women all looking to get back at the guy (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of Mama, Oblivion and Headhunters) who is playing all three of them. Leslie Mann (Big Daddy) is his wife. Diaz (The Box) is his first side lover. Upton is the latest side lover. This dude has a type.

This seems like a real departure for Cassavetes, who worked with Diaz before on the heartstring-tugging cancer drama My Sisterís Keeper. His other films include John Q (with Denzel Washington), the experimental Alpha Dog, and The Notebook -- arguably the most successful adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks best-seller. This seems to be a big step over to the center-square mainstream approach, with broad laughs aimed at easy targets.

The pairing of these three ladies could work very well. Mann makes those around her funnier. And Diaz has been at her best when she has a strong female counterpart to play off of. Uptonís the wild card. Will her acting career resemble that of Brooklyn Decker, who held her own in an Adam Sandler comedy?

Or will she be the next Cindy Crawford? Yikes.

The Other Woman will try to offer counterprogramming to the male-targeted Brick Mansions, the sci-fi Transcendence, and the following weekís The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Will it work? Weíll know soon enough. It opens everywhere on April 25.
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