Rebel Wilson Joins Amanda Seyfried In Comedy He's F**cking Perfect

By Nick Venable 2014-01-13 02:14:59discussion comments
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Rebel Wilson Joins Amanda Seyfried In Comedy He's F**cking Perfect image
While it seemed like actress Rebel Wilsonís buoyant comedic sense would have been the perfect fit for a network sitcom, her ABC series Super Fun Night hasnít really won audiences or critics over, though its fairly steady ratings are keeping the show on the air. So itís good that Wilsonís film career is moving along steadily, with high-profile films coming one after the other. Wilson has joined Amanda Seyfried in Universalís upcoming comedy Heís Fucking Perfect, which is being produced by Will Farrell, Adam McKay and Kevin Messickís Gary Sanchez Productions. While this gig is probably the least prominent, she stands to make it that much funnier in the end.

If youíve seen 2012ís Bachelorette, you know what happens when Wilson decides to get married in a movie, but Heís Fucking Perfect will see her battling Seyfried for a love interest in the most modern of ways: using the Internet as a weapon. As Variety puts it, Seyfried will play a webfriendly woman who tries getting Wilson to dump a new boyfriend so that she can date him instead. Those are just the kinds of friends you always want, are they not?

Itís no surprise the Internet plays into the story, as it comes from writer Lauryn Kahn and director Jake Szymanski, both of whom have made their names writing and directing humorous online videos. Szymanski has gone on to direct episodes of Adult Swimís NTSF:SD:SUV and the Golden Globe-winning comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But how can one possibly top Funny or Dieís "Forehead Tittaes?"

I havenít mentioned it yet, but this sounds like a particularly trite storyline that I hope is filled with nuggets of originality. Wilsonís choices have been pretty strong as of late, capitalizing on her breakout role Bridesmaids with roles in the underappreciated Small Apartments and the highly popular Pitch Perfect. Sheís following a role in Michael Bayís Pain & Gain with a role in the star-studded sequel Night at the Museum3, along with voicing a character in Kung Fu Panda 3. And then thereís always that Pitch Perfect sequel thatís supposed to start filming this year.

For a further reminder of how silly Wilson can be, hereís her recent appearance on Conan. Youíll never see someone achieve such class in a chicken suit ever again.

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