Shark Night Swims Into Blu-Ray Waters This January

By Jessica Grabert 2011-12-08 10:45:09discussion comments
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Shark Night Swims Into Blu-Ray Waters This January image
If you took the idea behind Piranha 3D, made most of your characters unlikeable teenagers, and then cut out all of the boobs and graphic languageÖoh yeah, and turned your Cretaceous little monsters into sharks, youíd have Shark Night. I guess if sharks are your thing and overly graphic portrayals arenít, Shark Night might be the horror movie for you. The rest of us will wait for a weekend replay on TBS sometime in the future, that is, if we donít manage to avoid it entirely.

If Shark Night was up your alley -- the movie made over $18 million domestically, so it was definitely up someone's alley -- Shark Night will hit Blu-Ray and DVD on January 3rd. Unfortunately, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment isnít offering a 3D release, which is surprising, since the 3D was highly promoted in theaters. That's kind of a shame, since according to Cinema Blendís Shark Night "To 3D or Not To 3D" review, the 3D may have been the best part of the film.

Thereís no 3D with the Shark Night Blu-Ray and no overly appealing features on either disc. Thereís a segment with director David Ellis called ďEllisí Island.Ē Thereís also a scene-by-scene feature that will take you to any kills on the disc. Blu-Ray copies will come with this stuff, but also a couple of extra features including one on how to avoid the killer sharks in the movie. Just the sharks in the movie, mind you. Donít try this stuff at home. Finally, thereís a segment on how the sharks were made to look snazzy in the film.

Shark Night was Relativity Mediaís baby and Fox is handling the release, so itís hard to tell whose fault this dud is. I do applaud the film for using some animatronic sharks rather than just straight-up CGI. Other than that thereís not much to say about this release.
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