Watch 9 Minutes From Sex And The City 2

By Josh Tyler 2010-05-16 16:51:52discussion comments
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Though Iím normally first in line to champion movies about real, down to earth people, I suppose we should have movies about fabulously rich cartoon characters too. We all need something to aspire towards. For women, itís all about aspiring to be Carrie and her limo-riding, luxury-lunching, shopaholic brood. Itís harmless entertainment, as long as you donít make a habit out of it ladies.

Sex and the City 2 takes the shopping franchiseís lifestyles of the rich and famous tone further than ever before by sending the girls to Abu Dhabi to hang out with princes in the desert. You know Abu Dhabiís fantastic because at no point in does anyone force them to wear a Burka. Itís kind of like watching Carrie and Samantha play Princess Jasmine.

In addition to watching them spend money like water, in the following clips from the upcoming sequel youíll see the Sex and the City girls facing up to all kinds of major life milestones. Menopause is lurking, Carrie celebrates her first anniversary with Big, a gay wedding is planned, an old flame resurfaces, and someoneís considering changing her career path. All while riding on a camel.

Watch all eight new clips from Sex and the City 2 below:

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