X-Men: Days Of Future Past Shows Off 1970s Duds In Set Pics

By Gabe Toro 2013-12-30 08:51:31discussion comments
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Somewhere, somehow, the X-Men franchise became the only superhero period films. Rebooting the series in the sixties was a way to isolate the more contemporary trilogy, but it showed little as far as long-term planning. Sure, it wasnít as bad as relegating Gambit to the seventies in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but any further plans for these characters and actors was going to involve going back in time. Add to this the fact that X-Men: First Class was the lowest-grossing X-film domestically (until The Wolverine, not a great sign), and beyond the sweet styles and groovy music of the period, there was little allure for fans to return to that era for further adventures of the young X-crew.

Foxís solution was to march ahead with X-Men: Days Of Future Past , which unites the X-Men of yesterday with those of today, creating a paradox where the heroes of the original trilogy must collaborate with the newer group to prevent a future apocalypse (which doesnít seem like it works, given that 2016 sees X-Men: Apocalypse hit theaters). Although, to be honest, it just seems like an excuse to toss Wolverine into that groupís lineup, with the plot involving a time-shifted Wolvie jumping back in time to help the First Class fellows avoid a certain temporal crisis. Itís also, as you can see from this new photo courtesy of Empire, an excuse to get Wolverine into some swanky duds.

Empireís latest issue is promising some sneaky peaks at Days Of Future Past, including this swank shot of director Bryan Singer flanked by stars James McAvoy, Nicolas Hoult, Michael Fassbender and olí Hugh Jackman, starring in his seventh big-screen X-Men adventure. What a bunch of ladykillers: Fassbenderís just hanging back, soaking all the coolness, and Jackmanís essentially playing the part of badass dad, not interested in anything of relevance. Hoult is the GQ motherlover with his smooth jean jacket, and thereís McAvoy as a walking period explosion, a fly guy that seems worlds away from Patrick Stewartís Professor X interpretation. Thereís probably a narrative reason for that, but who cares? Dude looks ACE.

There are still some secrets this movie is holding, despite all the photos and access Bryan Singer has granted audiences. We know that the past and future share a relationship with Sentinels, giant government-created robots meant to eradicate the heroes. And whatever past crisis that must be averted involves Washington D.C., and may or may not be presidential in nature. We donít know what made the future look like a hellscape, one that has involved Magneto and Professor X employing some action figure-ready battle armor in recent images from the film, but all answers will be revealed when the film, minus Anna Paquin, hits May 22nd. Check out the trailer below for more X-Manny goodness.

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