Zachary Levi Growing Out Facial Hair For Thor 2 Role

By Mack Rawden 2012-07-11 11:53:20discussion comments
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A little more than a month ago, whispers began spreading that Chuck star Zachary Levi could wind up replacing Josh Dallas in the upcoming Thor sequel. The second film is set to shoot during the television season, and thanks to the success of Once Upon A Time, Dallas was unsure whether hed be able to continue moving forward, especially considering his Frandral will likely have more screen time during the second round. As the original choice to play that particular member of the Warriors Three, Levi was thought to be the natural choice to step in, and it turns out those logical assumptions were correct.

The Tangled star appeared on The Tonight Show last night, and when asked why he was growing out some sweet facial hair, he finally confirmed hes officially accepted the Frandral role. Under other circumstances, he could have been forced to downplay the re-casting out of respect for Dallas, but since being part of a hit show is hardly a sad reason to be passed over, Levi was able to euphorically announce the news. You can take a look at the first portion of his interview below

Following Comic Con, Levi will head over to England to shoot Thor 2, where, luckily for him, hell be able to catch some of the Olympics live. That, coupled with the fact that hes currently being paid to grow out facial hair, sounds like it should be enough to make July and August two pretty solid months.
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