Vin Diesel's Chronicles of Riddick Sequel Reportedly Secures Funding

By Sean O'Connell 2011-11-27 19:43:01discussion comments
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Vin Diesel's Chronicles of Riddick Sequel Reportedly Secures Funding image
Fans who subscribe to Vin Dieselís Facebook page (Iím not joking) already know two things. One, Vin loves you. He says it all of the time. Second, heís passionate about making a third Chronicles of Riddick film with writer/director/collaborator David Twohy. He has shared Riddick-inspired artwork and potential costume design with fans through social media, but has kept mum on specific details. Production on a Pitch Black sequel hit a snag when money dried up, but TMZ says the wheels are turning once again as cash flows back into Riddickís coffers.

The gossip site says that the Montreal studio where parts of the sequel are being filmed has opened its doors to cast and crew now that the production company footing the bills has paid off its debt. The site even says that disgruntled Riddick crew members who went a while without being paid can expect to see compensation ďin the very near future.Ē As TMZ states, this is but one step back toward a Riddick sequel reaching theaters, but itís a major step for whatís expected to be a moderately-budgeted sci-fi thriller.

And why not bankroll Diesel on this effort? You know he;s passionate about the character. The Fast and Furious films demonstrate his bankability as an action star. And yet, Universalís last stab at a Riddick film Ė 2004ís The Chronicles of Riddick -- tapped out at $57.7 million against a reported $105 million production budget. The keys for Diesel and crew, now that moneyís available, will be to tighten the budget, squeeze every penny out of the expense report, and deliver a slam-bang Riddick film that fans of all generations will want to see.

According to TMZ, filming on this untitled Riddick sequel resumes on Dec. 28, which probably explains Dieselís latest status update, ďI have a good feeling about this winter ÖĒ
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