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Why Hell Or High Water Should Win The Best Original Screenplay Oscar
The Best Original Screenplay category has some excellent candidates for this year's Academy Awards, but we believe that Oscar should go to Hell or High Water. Here's why.
Seth Rogen Will Obsess Over Charlize Theron In New Dark Comedy Flarsky
Does Seth Rogen have a chance with Charlize Theron? Apparently we'll find out in the upcoming comedy Flarsky.
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The New X-Men Universe Teams We Could See In The Movies, According To Simon Kinberg
The X-Men franchise has entered a new era, and there are already ideas about some of the new teams that could be introduced.
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Liam Neeson Action Fans Will Have To Wait Even Longer For His Next Film To Hit Theaters
The Commuter's release date has been pushed back a couple of months. Get the details ahead!
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The LEGO Batman Movie’s End Credits Sequence Is Online, And It’ll Make You Want To Dance
The LEGO Movie had "Everything is Awesome," and now The LEGO Batman Movie has "Friends are Family," a real infectious toe-tapper if there ever was one. Check out the ending song and video from the hit animated film.
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One Big Lesson Fox Learned From Fantastic Four, According To Simon Kinberg
Simon Kinberg is well aware that they're very much in last chance saloon with the Fantastic Four franchise.
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The Perfect Reason Patrick Stewart Won't Play Professor X In Any More X-Men Movies
Patrick Stewart has announced that Logan will be his last time playing Professor X, and he's also given the reason why he's departing.
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Why Arrival's Screenwriter Deserves To Win The Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar
Arrival deserves the top honors for pretty much every category it's up for, but most importantly, the film has more than earned a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar in our opinion. Read on to see why!
Get Out Is Crushing The Competition, Posting A Massive Number At The Box Office
Get Out is certainly a lot more inviting than its title lets on! The new horror flick on the block is having a very good Friday on its way to weekend domination.
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CinemaBlend Predicts The Star Wars: Last Jedi Plot, Without Having Seen A Single Trailer
The folks at Lucasfilm and Disney have been fantastically good so far when it comes to protecting details regarding Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They have yet to release any trailer for the film, so we have no idea what any of the movie will look like or what the story will actually be. Or do we?
A Surprising Connection Between Logan And X-Men: Apocalypse Has Been Revealed
The following contains light spoilers for Logan. It doesn't give much away, but you might want to avoid reading them, so we have included this warning.
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Is Beast Appearing In The Next X-Men Movie? Here's What Nicholas Hoult Says
Nicholas Hoult has starred as Beast since X-Men: First Class, and has been one of the key blue and furry players in the new series of X-Men films. Here's what Hoult had to say about his future with the X-Men franchise.
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How Jyn Erso Can Return To Star Wars, According To Felicity Jones
The characters introduced in Rogue One have since been embraced by the fandom, who are disappointed to see that we'll likely never see them again on the silver screen. But Felicity Jones has another idea.
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The Logan Soundtrack Has Revealed A Major Spoiler, So Beware
It's getting harder and harder for those who haven't seen the movie to avoid spoilers on the film. One such major spoiler broke. We have it inside. If you want to know, read on. If you don't, then leave. You have been warned!
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New Power Rangers International Trailer Finally Features An Iconic Catchphrase
The Power Rangers release date is within sight, and a new trailer for the film finally reveals a catchphrase that fans of the series should recognize pretty fast. Hit the jump and see it for yourself.
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Why A Nightwing Movie Is Exactly What DC Needs Right Now
There has never been a better time to announce the upcoming Nightwing movie. Here's why it's a perfect project at this stage of the DCEU.
When Channing Tatum's Gambit Movie Expects To Start Filming
As Logan nears theaters, X-Men fans may be wondering what's going on with the announced but delayed Gambit movie. Well, it sounds like it has a time frame in mind.
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Is This Why No One Went To Emma Stone's One-Woman Show In La La Land?
La La Land follows Emma Stone as an aspiring actress who hits one roadblock after another on her quest for success and stardom. Now, somebody may have figured out just why she had so much trouble getting attention.
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10 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In March
March is going to be a bit of heartbreaker, at least it will be if one of these movies on the list of outgoing Netflix titles catches your interest. Adjust your calendars accordingly, after reading our handy guide.
The Jurassic World 2 Photo Bryce Dallas Howard Shared As The Sequel Starts Filming
Jurassic World became one of the biggest movies of all time when it was released two years ago. It's now time to see if the sequel can match that, as filming is now underway.
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