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James Franco's As I Lay Dying Is Bypassing Theaters For A VOD Release
Can that even happen? I mean, they do realize that Franco is at the apex of all saturation points, and that people would throw money to see him do just about anything. And this seemed like something of a prestige project, even though it was merely one of a half-dozen or so movies he’ll have been involved in directing this year.
as i lay dying Nick Venable 2013-09-26
James Franco Will Direct Faulkner's The Sound And The Fury And Hopes Jon Hamm Will Star
Franco says he’ll also star in the film, which he co-wrote with Matt Rager, who was also involved in the screenwriting for As I Lay Dying. If all things go correctly, he wants Mad Men’s Jon Hamm to play the film’s patriarch Mr. Compson.
as i lay dying Nick Venable 2013-07-05
First Look At James Franco And Danny McBride In As I Lay Dying
First up, here's Franco looking broody as Darl Bundren, the younger brother of Cash (Parrack) as well as the main storyteller in the novel. (You can spot Parrack as Cash in the center of the shot at the top of the page. Also spotted behind him is the youngest Brundren, Vardaman, played by newcomer Brady Permenter.)
as i lay dying Kristy Puchko 2013-05-06
James Franco To Reunite With Danny McBride For As I Lay Dying
Among his many varied projects that may or may not make any sense to common people like you and me, James Franco is planning an adaptation of As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner's legendary novel told by 15 different narrators, about a Mississippi family's effort to bury their matriarch according to her wishes.
as i lay dying Katey Rich 2012-08-21
James Franco's As I Lay Dying Adaptation Shoots This Summer, Gets A Cast
Franco already conducted a test screening on News Year's Day in preparation for a full shoot this summer. There Will Be Blood star
as i lay dying Mack Rawden 2011-01-25
James Franco To Adapt And Direct Cormac McCarthy And William Faulkner
Since blowing people away with his performance in Danny Boyle's 127 Hours, James Franco has been piling on the projects like there's no tomorrow. In just the last few months he's purchased
as i lay dying Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-03
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