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The Fear Monger: Night Of The Living Dead Might Get A Sequel In This Form
Like father, like son. Cameron Romero, son of Living Dead franchise creator George Romero, wants to tell his own story about the zombies that his dad made famous. Here's how you can help make that happen.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-10-19
The Fear Monger: First Look At Blair Witch Director's Bigfoot And More Gross ABCs Of Death 2 Stills
Good day, avengers of all things closet-bound and feared. Hollywood kicked off the Halloween season with the Conjuring prequel Annabelle and audiences were ready to watch it. The supernatural thriller brought in an estimated $37.2 million over the weekend, taking second place to David Fincherís mystery thriller Gone Girl. How about we get a mash-up between the two where a doll gets possessed by the spirit of Ben Affleck and turns a young innocent family into Oscar winners?
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-10-05
The Fear Monger: V/H/S Viral And Dead Snow 2 Trailers Are Insanely Gory And Fun
Good day, cravers of all things visceral and bacon-scented. Itís a pretty huge weekend for theatrical horror, even though it's of the limited variety. Kevin Smithís psycho body horror flick Tusk is out, as is Adam Wingardís thriller The Guest. The question is, would you rather watch Dan Stevens kick some ass or watch Justin Long scream his ass off?
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-09-21
The Fear Monger: The Town That Dreaded Sundown May Be The Best Horror Remake In Years
Good day, clawers of all things coffin-topped. Theaters this weekend have something for both those interested in domestic thrillers, as both Sam Millerís No Good Deeds, and Leigh Janiakís festival-fave indie horror Honeymoon are both out now. No, No Good Deeds doesnít really delve in horror, but it puts the stellar Idris Elba that much closer to my genre of choice.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-09-14
The Fear Monger: ABCs Of Death 2, Spring And Asmodexia Unleash Extremely Gross Trailers
Good day, buriers of all things beyond repair. Iíd ask if any of you guys watched anything good in theaters this weekend, but Iím not sure anybody reading this was one of the 18 people who actually watched a movie outside of their home. The only horror making its way to the big screen was Casey La Scalaís end-of-days thriller The Remaining, which began its limited run.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-09-07
The Fear Monger: Uncovered Shaun Of The Dead Developments And The Babadook Trailer Terrifies
Good day, extinguishers of all things solar. This past week gave us two equally grating slices of horror: Leatherface as a teenager and Letís Be Cops getting released the same week as everything going on in Ferguson, Missouri. To take your mind off all that, check out the limited release of Jeff Baenaís zombie comedy Life After Beth, which uses winning performances to bring life to a tonally fluctuating plotline. How is Aubrey Plaza not in everything at this point?
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-08-17
The Fear Monger: A Hellishly Great Horns Trailer And A Trip To The Further With Insidious: Chapter 3
Good day, ticklers of all things ribless. This weekend, San Diego is the scariest place to be in the entire country. Not only because of The Walking Deadís "Escape" attraction that Comic-Con is offering, but because there are entirely too many people out there, and Iím guessing most of them are hiding very dark secrets beneath their Wonder Woman and Game of Thrones costumes. Be careful out there.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-07-27
The Fear Monger: The Poughkeepsie Tapes Hits VOD And Ron Jeremy Hits The Jersey Shore
Good day, haberdashers of all things torso-less. Are you guys staying indoors this weekend, or are you daring to face the streets, where Frank Grillo and the paint-faced asshats from The Purge: Anarchy are on patrol? Of course, thereís always Planes: Fire and Rescue, which presumably has completely horrific scenes of talking cars on fire. That is, if they used my screenplay without telling me anything.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-07-20
The Fear Monger: Death Note Rumors, Danny Trejo And A Kooky New Zealand Haunter
Good day, swearers off all things goody-goody. Horror wasnít exactly blowing up theaters this past weekend, with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ruling over all. (To be fair, Apes had a few sequences that were more harrowing than the entirety of many Hollywood horrors.) TV fans have something to look forward to, though, with FXís The Strain premiering.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-07-13
The Fear Monger: A PG-13 At The Mountains Of Madness And A South Korean Family Castration
Good day, deviliers of all things eggy. Has everybody run out to watch Deliver Us From Evil yet? Not that reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, even from horror fans - but any horror given the chance to go big on Fourth of July weekend deserves some attention. I guess you could go and watch Tammy with a Scary Sounds of Halloween tape playing through your headphones, but that doesnít seem as effective.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-07-06
The Fear Monger: Michael Bay Making A New Omen Remake, Monstrumologist Adaptation In The Works
Fox and Michael Bayís Platinum Dunes are coming together to wring out another Omen remake, presumably also about a young boy with a numerical birthmark that happens to be a living, breathing antichrist.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-06-29
The Fear Monger: Friday The 13th Goes 3D Again And Freddy Krueger Makes Last Appearance
Good day, collectors of all things invokable. Some of you may have noticed The Fear Monger wasnít creeping around the website last weekend, and maybe you feared the worst and thought that it was dead and quartered, laid out to fertilize the land where a garden of eternally rotten vegetables would grow. Maybe some of you even hoped that had happened. Itís good to be back.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-06-22
The Fear Monger: Abigail Breslin Kills, Adam Green Exorcises, And Sexy Women Fight Zombies
Tyler Shieldsí directorial debut Final Girl stars Abigail Breslin as a teenager who stands up and fights back against a group of too-cool-for-school dudes who use murder as an initiation into their exclusive club. And as full-length trailer seen above shows us, she isnít just some helpless damsel who suddenly becomes a super survivor in third act: she was trained since childhood by Wes Bentley
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-06-08
The Fear Monger: Sexy Cthulhu, Tribal Cannibals And Bobcat's Bigfoot
H.P. Lovecraft had a pretty active imagination, I think we can all agree. But even his great mind probably never considered his greatest creation, Cthulhu, would ever exist within the lady parts of a hooker. (Or maybe he did. Nudge, nudge.)
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-06-01
The Fear Monger: WolfCop 2 Is Coming And The Halloween Franchise Is Getting A Blu-ray Box Set
Good day, invokers of all things ectoplasmic. Itís Memorial Day weekend, so while youíre honoring the brave men and women who keep our country safe, cozy up with some military-themed horror, like Jacobís Ladder or Deathwatch, or something with Nazi zombies if thatís more your taste.
the fear monger Nick Venable 2014-05-25
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