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How Horror And Comedy Can Work Together, According To Get Out’s Jordan Peele
It may seem like a surprising leap for Jordan Peele to go from the world of comedy to the world of horror with his directorial debut, Get Out, but the truth is that the gap between the two genres isn't really that wide.
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Why James Gunn's Hitman Movie Never Happened
Years back, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn pitched a Hitman movie. Here's why it never became a reality.
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The Star Wars Celebration Poster Is A Gorgeous Tribute To The Entire Saga’s Legacy
This Star Wars Celebration poster is so breathtakingly gorgeous that you'll instantly consider getting it tattooed on your back. Probably.
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The Star Wars: Rogue One Blu-ray Will Come With The Cool Bonus Features
Rogue One is heading to Blu-ray and digital release, and like any good Star Wars home release it's going to be stacked with special features and extras. Hit the jump to learn all about what'll be included on the upcoming release.
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James Bond 25 Could Be Inching Closer To Reality As Location Rumors Swirl
James Bond 25 has now picked one location for filming, so does that mean that they know whether Daniel Craig is actually staying or leaving the role?
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Why Hacksaw Ridge Resonated With Audiences, According To Its Producer
Oscar-nominated producer Bill Mechanic recently explained to CinemaBlend why Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge has resonated with audiences. Here's what he had to say.
Brie Larson's Favorite Thing About Captain Marvel After Doing Her Research
Brie Larson just revealed the aspect of Captain Marvel she fell in love with during her research for the character.
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Man Brings His Wife To Fifty Shades Darker, Gets Arrested For Masturbating During The Movie
A man was recently arrested for masturbating during a showing of Fifty Shades Darker, and the full story is even weirder than you might expect.
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Every Major Movie Portrayal Of The Joker, Ranked
Many performers have taken on The Joker over the years, but who is the best? Let's dive in and figure it out.
Godzilla 2: What We Know So Far About King Of The Monsters
We're still a ways from seeing Godzilla: King of the Monsters charge into theaters, but there's a fair amount of information to chew on concerning the sequel in the meantime.
One Wolverine Storyline We Really Hope Gets Resolved In Logan
Logan marketing and promotional material have shown that a lot is being packed into the movie, but we're hoping that there's one important loose end that is resolved at some point in the story.
How Star-Lord's Mixtape Has Affected The Guardians In Guardians 2
One of the ways that Guardians set itself apart from the rest of the MCU was its top notch soundtrack, through the use of Star-Lord's mixtape and walkman. But how did these tuns affect the rest of the team?
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13 Actors Who Almost Were Cast As Wolverine Before Hugh Jackman
After 17 years of playing the role on screen, Hugh Jackman has hung up his claws with Logan. But who else was considered for the role of Wolverine? Prepare to be surprised, as we have a list of 11 people who could have played the famous mutant bad ass.
Disney Extends IMAX Deal That Will Affect Indiana Jones 5, Star Wars, Marvel And More
Advancements in technology have made watching movies at home one of the simplest things in the world do. As such, theaters have had to come up with creative ways to keep people coming back to the cinema. One of the most popular ways is the massive Imax screen.
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A Surprising Star Wars Character With Ties To Chewbacca Is Now Officially Part Of Canon
A classic Star Wars character with deep ties to Chewbacca has officially entered the series' official canon. Here's what we know.
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The Insane Number Of Americans Who Can't Name A Single Best Picture Nominee
Part of the reason that the Academy Awards expanded the Best Picture category to 10 nominees was in hopes of attracting more interest by bringing in more popular films. It hasn't worked.
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Angelina Jolie Might Do Maleficent 2 As Her Next Project
While Disney's live-action fairy tale franchise has been doing gangbuster business lately, back in 2014 nobody was quite sure how a reinvention of Sleeping Beauty that focused on the villain would work. It worked out pretty well for all involved.
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How The Hellboy Franchise May Live On
With nostalgia becoming such a popular trend in Hollywood, director Guillermo del Toro recently tried (to no avail) to bring back the franchise. But there is a way that it can continue.
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Netflix May Release Martin Scorsese's Next Gangster Movie, Which Seems Like A Game Changer
Martin Scorsese, coming off of the contemplative and deeply personal Silence, has been looking tor return to the criminal underground of such films a Goodfellas and Casino, and has circled an adaptation of Charles Brandt's book I Heard You Paint Houses as his portal back into that world.
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Which Film Will Win The Best Picture Oscar, According To Math
Figuring out how individual people are going to react to something is nearly impossible because people are really hard to predict. However, this hasn't stopped somebody from trying to use pure numbers to figure out who the big winners are going to be at this weekend's Academy Awards.
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Why Hacksaw Ridge Resonated With Audiences, According To Its Producer
Every Major Movie Portrayal Of The Joker, Ranked
Godzilla 2: What We Know So Far About King Of The Monsters

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