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Filming On Star Wars: Rogue One May Have Already Started
With the Star Wars universe set to expand like never before, we expected to hear news of this before too long, but now it seems that Star Wars: Rogue One, the first standalone anthology film, has started shooting.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-07-02
Terminator Genisys Post-Credits Scene: What Happens, And What It Means
SPOILER WARNING: This article contains some absolutely massive spoilers for Terminator: Genisys. If you havenít seen the movie yet, and donít wish for the ending to be ruined, you may want to click away to another one of our wonderful articles.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-07-02
Marvel May Have Another Big Hit On Their Hands With Ant-Man
Marvel has a solid track record at the box office as of late, and if early indicators hold, it looks like their latest endeavor, Ant-Man, could be another financial success story.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-07-02
Batman v Superman Reveals Lex Luthor... With Hair
It was just a few months ago that we got our first look at Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and as had been predicted, the actor was sporting a shaved head for his portrayal of the role. What you may not know, however, is that the character isn't bald for the entirety of the upcoming blockbuster.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-07-02
Wait, Why Is Wonder Woman In This Batman v Superman Scene?
This new image from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shows us Batman and Wonder Woman's alter egos together, but we have to wonder what exactly is going on here?
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-07-02
Could These New Star Wars Stories Inspire Standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi Movies?
There hasn't been any official announcement about a plan for the future of Obi-wan Kenobi, and for now it remains just an option, but if the franchise should decide to go in that direction, the current run of Marvel Comics are providing filmmakers what could be source material from which they can work.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-07-02
Chris Pratt Finally Picked His Favorite Jurassic World Meme
Chris Pratt has picked his favorite Jurassic World meme, and as soon as you see it it'll be yours too, it's simply the cutest.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2015-07-02
6 Major Terminator Genisys Questions We Try To Answer
If you've seen Terminator Genisys, you probably have a lot of questions that you're itching to have answered. So do we, and we're sharing a couple of them with you today - with some answers, free of charge. Consider it an upgrade.
FEATURE Mike Reyes 2015-07-02
Watch The Rock's On-Set Video Get Hilariously Ruined By Kevin Hart
Want to see The Rock and Kevin Hart hilariously get in the way of each other while recording a Vine? Then click right here.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2015-07-02
Why Deadpool Is Going To Be The Scuzziest Superhero Yet
In order to pull off the right tone for Deadpool, director Tim Miller cites a well-known David Fincher film for inspiration on how to make things scuzzy and seedy.
MOVIE NEWS Adam Holmes 2015-07-02
Marvel Viral Sets Up Big Ant-Man News For Next Week
Remember Christine Everhart? She was the reporter from Vanity Fair who interviewed Tony Stark towards the beginning of Iron Man, and then reappeared in Iron Man 2. Well, now she has returned once again - and now she has her own show promoting an upcoming special about Ant-Man's Scott Lang!
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2015-07-02
How Star Wars Will Connect Return Of The Jedi To The Force Awakens
A lot of time has passed between Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now we know a few details about how Lucasfilm plans to fill in that gap.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2015-07-02
The Monopoly Movie Just Took A Big Step Forward
The long-gestating Monopoly movie may sound absurd, but with the hire of a new screenwriter and a family-friendly direction, it is definitely moving forward.
MOVIE NEWS Joseph Baxter 2015-07-02
What Ryan Reynolds Thinks Of Whoever Leaked The Deadpool Footage
Itís thanks to last yearís leaked Deadpool test footage that the film was green lit by 20th Century Fox. Needless to say, Ryan Reynolds is extremely happy about this and wants to thank the person responsible in a very unique way.
MOVIE NEWS Adam Holmes 2015-07-02
Batman V Superman Started Off As A Joke, According To Zack Snyder
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most anticipated 2016 superhero movies, but what you may not know is that this whole game-changing DC Comics project started as a simple joke from the director.
MOVIE NEWS Adam Holmes 2015-07-02
Ben Affleck Makes His Batman Sound Like A Psychopath
Ben Affleck's Batman is probably going to be unlike any version we've ever seen before.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2015-07-02
Woman Named Sarah O'Connor Tweets About Robot Killing Someone, Twitter Freaks Out
When your name is Sarah Connor, people are going to pay more attention if you tweet about robots. Thatís what happened when Sarah OíConnor shared a news story about a technician who was killed by a robot in a Volkswagen plant.
MOVIE NEWS Nick Romano 2015-07-02
Magic Mike XXL Tops Terminator Genisys On Opening Night
Magic Mike XXL is currently strutting its stuff all over Terminator Genisys' face at the box office.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2015-07-02
See Batman And Superman Square Off In First Look At Batman V Superman
It's now a week before Warner Bros. will be giving fans a special look a the highly anticipated DC Comics event, Batman v Superman, but a whole slew of new looks has debuted ahead of schedule. Entertainment Weekly unleashed the cover of its Comic-Con preview issue and the holy DC trinity are featured on the cover, with a batch of enticing movie stills within the pages.
MOVIE NEWS Nick Romano 2015-07-02
Why Marvel Picked Jon Watts To Direct The Spider-Man Reboot
When Marvel and Sony announced the new star and director of the solo Spider-Man movie, the non-initiated were collectively floored by these randos making waves. As we all keep learning more about these new faces, Marvelís head honcho Kevin Feige has been speaking about their qualifications, but he recently shed light on what specifically made the studios choose Watts to direct.
MOVIE NEWS Nick Romano 2015-07-02
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