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One Smaller Movie Crushed At The Box Office This Weekend

Every year, a slew of smaller budget movies are created with the hope that they'll resonate with a wide audience and maybe even win an award nod or two.

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Why The Han Solo Movie Is Not Doomed, According To Disney CEO Bob Iger

Is the Han Solo movie doomed? Here's what Bob Iger has to say.

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What Spider-Man Will Deal With After Infinity War In The MCU, According To Kevin Feige

I asked Marvel President Kevin Feige how Spider-Man will react to the whiplash in tone from being a ground-level superhero to fighting cosmic threats in Thanos in two Avengers movies. His answer revealed so much.

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The Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer Is Hilarious and Surprisingly Explosive

The Bellas are back for their final tour! Check out the first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, which sends the ladies overseas for more singing, goofing off, and acapella puns.

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Transformers 5 Box Office: Robots In Disguise Are Number One, But It's Not Great News

Michael Bay's Transformers movies continue to be titans at the box office - but with each passing film, it seems that status is diminishing.

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Toy Story's Writer Responded To The Rumors About Woody's Backstory

Recently a man claimed to have the definitive backstory of Toy Story's Woody and Andy that answered every question you didn't know you had. Now, one of Pixar's top people has responded.

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Man Arrested After Taking His Mad Max Fandom Way Too Far

We all want to ride historic on the Fury Road, but this one fan took it too far. Find out what happened to one big fan of the Mad Max film series and why he was arrested.

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One Power Ranger Star Wants To Play Miles Morales In The MCU

Miles Morales will make his live-action debut eventually and one Power Rangers star is ready to wear the tights and go for a swing. Hit the jump to learn all the details.

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Toy Story Apparently Has A Shockingly Complex Backstory For Woody

The origins of Woody are a mystery, but now someone has revealed everything about where the cowboy doll came from before he met Andy. In true Pixar fashion, it's complex, brilliant, and really depressing.

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Wonder Woman Actor Confirms A Major Character Twist

The supporting characters are hardly the focus of Wonder Woman, but it looks like a major twist involving one of these guys was hiding under our noses the entire time. Hit the jump to learn more.

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The Crazy Way The Han Solo Movie's Original Directors Could Control Ron Howard's Version

The Han Solo movie suffered a massive shakeup this week with the firing of its original directors, but thanks to a weirdo loophole via the Director's Guild, Phil Lord and Chris Miller may have more control than we thought.

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Will Spider-Man Be In The Venom Movie? Tom Holland Updates Us

While Peter Parker's inclusion in the MCU is exciting, it's unclear if he'll be able to crossover the Spidey-centric universe that is being crafted by Sony. Specifically, is he going to show up in Tom Hardy's Venom movie?

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The One Thing That Hurt Power Rangers' Success Most, According To The Director

Power Rangers wasn't quite the success that it was intended to be, with plans for a sequel seemingly on hold. Director Dean Israelite thinks this one thing is what held the movie back.

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What Ian McKellen Disliked Most About His Magneto Costume

While he seemed to enjoy playing such a badass mutant, Ian McKellen does have beef with one aspect of his role as Magneto: his costume.

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How Star Wars 9 Will Honor Carrie Fisher, According To Colin Trevorrow

Colin Trevorrow recently opened up regarding how the final film in the new trilogy will honor the late Carrie Fisher.

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How Many Spider-Man: Homecoming End Credits Scenes Can Fans Expect?

One of the signature aspects of MCU films is post-credits scenes, and now we know how many to expect for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Shazam: What We Know So Far

In the coming years, moviegoers will find themselves uttering the true magic word: Shazam! The film is still a little under four years away, but there is still enough to chew on. Here's every we know so far about the 2019 film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Has Screened, Here’s What Critics Think

Spider-Man: Homecoming has now screened in front of critics, reporters and other lucky folks. Here are some of the early reactions pouring in about the movie.

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Wait, Did The Last Knight Subtly Kill Off A Major Transformers Character?

Is it possible that Transformers: The Last Knight subtly killed off one of the series' major characters from years back? Read on for our take.

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Why Sofia Coppola Dropped Out Of Her Little Mermaid Movie

Sofia Coppola has gone into more detail about why she dropped out of directing Universal's Little Mermaid movie a few years back.

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