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The Kylo Ren And Han Solo Memes Are Even Better Than You'd Guess
Nobody is having more fun with Star Wars: The Force Awakens than social media. At this point, pretty much every character in the film has their own high-profile Twitter account. But there's so much more going on than that.
MOVIE NEWS Dirk Libbey 2016-02-12
Emily Blunt Will Bring This Beloved Toy To The Big Screen
My Little Pony, which has already seen an amazing level of success back on TV, is working itís way to the big screen. And it seems they just added a major name to the voice cast: Emily Blunt.
MOVIE NEWS Dirk Libbey 2016-02-12
How Many More Transformers Movies We Expect To Get
While each new Transformers causes critics to grind their teeth and hide behind their sofas, movie fans canít seem to get enough. The four films currently in the franchise have made nearly $1 billion a piece. So, more are coming, but more than we thought.
MOVIE NEWS Dirk Libbey 2016-02-12
A Star Wars: Rogue One Character Sounds Like A Complete And Total Badass
With Star Wars: The Force Awakens behind us we now have the pleasure of turning our attention to Star Wars: Rogue One the second in our three consecutive Decembers of new Star Wars movies.
MOVIE NEWS Dirk Libbey 2016-02-12
How Much Nudity Fifty Shades Darker Needs To Have, According To Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson went from near unknown to near household name after starring in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey while the movie was eviscerated by critics, it was embraced by fans (embraced and then tied to the bed).
MOVIE NEWS Dirk Libbey 2016-02-12
What Movies Does James Franco Regret Doing?
Out of all of his earlier films, which ones do you think James Franco would have the worst problem with? After some recent remarks, we've got enough information to speculate the answer to that question - and speculate we will.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2016-02-12
Deadpool Post-Credits Scene Reveals Huge News For Deadpool 2
Earlier this week, we got the scoop that Deadpool didnít exactly reveal all of the filmís secrets while playing for press in screenings this past week. While critics were allowed to watch one of the blockbusterís post-credits scenes, another was being kept hidden for the actual release of the movie.
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2016-02-12
Deadpool Opens To Red-Hot Numbers Overseas
The hour of Deadpool is upon us, and if some of the first international numbers are any indication, there's no better time for everyone's favorite smart ass to shine.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2016-02-12
Criminal Trailer: Watch Ryan Reynolds Body Swap, Again
Ryan Reynolds gets around when it comes to the body swapping scene, and he's going to be taking over yet another actor's body in this spring's Criminal. Watch the trailer for yourself, after the jump.
MOVIE NEWS Mike Reyes 2016-02-12
Hero Blend #84: Deadpool Reviewed (Spoiler Free Edition!)
Once again starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, the film follows the mercenary as his life gets rocked by news of cancer in his liver, lungs, prostate and brain. Seeking a miracle cure so that his life can continue with his one true love, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), he enters a special program that promises to turn him into a superhero.
FEATURE Eric Eisenberg 2016-02-12
What Vin Diesel's XXX 3 Actually Will Be About
Vin Diesel is bringing one of his most notorious characters back to the big screen, and while we've heard rumblings, now we know what XXX 3: The Rise of Xander Cage will actually be about.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2016-02-12
Deadpool Was Supposed To Have Way More Villains In It
Between Ed Skreinís Ajax and Gina Caranoís Angel Dust, there is a formidable force facing Deadpool in his new movie, but there were actually early drafts of the scripts that had a larger crew of baddies.
MOVIE NEWS Eric Eisenberg 2016-02-12
BB-8 Had Actual Lines Of Dialogue In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, According To Ben Schwartz
We all know that BB-8 is saying specific things in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but according to one of the actors that voiced him, he had actual lines of dialogue to say.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2016-02-12
Why Deadpool 2 Shouldn't Take Fantastic Four 2's Release Date
Now that Fantastic Four 2 has had its summer 2017 release date taken away, does that mean Deadpool 2 might take that coveted spot? Not if the writers have their way.
MOVIE NEWS Adam Holmes 2016-02-11
The Ghostbusters Have A New Method Of Transportation, See It Now
You know the new Ghostbusters will tool around New York in Ecto-1, but that's not their only ride, and we just got a new official look at their other means of transportation. Aside from the subway, of course.
MOVIE NEWS Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-02-11
The 10 Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies Of All Time
Donít ever let anyone tell you that comic books and comic book movies are solely for younger audiences. We've determined the 10 best R-rated comic book movies of all time.
FEATURE Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-02-11
Now You See Me 2: What We Know So Far
The surprising success of Now You See Me back in 2013 meant that a sequel was always inevitable. Now You See Me 2 will be released in the summer, but what can we expect?
FEATURE Gregory Wakeman 2016-02-11
Kristen Stewart Craves Love In Stylish, Sexy Equals Trailer
In the years since Twilight, Kristen Stewart has gone to great lengths to distance herself from the vampire drama, and her latest, the sci-fi romance Equals, is another step in that direction.
MOVIE NEWS Brent McKnight 2016-02-11
What Love Actually's Andrew Lincoln Really Thinks Of His Character
We already knew it, but even Andrew Lincoln has now admitted that he feels the same as you do about his Love Actually character.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2016-02-11
Why The Fantastic Beasts Script Is Mind-Blowing, According To Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne has admitted that he was so enamoured with JK Rowling's Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Him Script that he thought he'd be overlooked for the leading role of Newt Scamander.
MOVIE NEWS Gregory Wakeman 2016-02-11
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