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Holiday Weekend Box Office: Torching Tranformers Top Sparkless Fourth
Movies? On the fourth of July? When there are burgers to be grilled, ice cold beverages to be enjoyed, and fireworks to be set off and watched? The fact that the holiday falls on a Monday helped boost sales a bit on this Independence Day, but overall sales were still only slightly bumped up from usual summer weekday numbers.
Independence Day Scott Gwin 2011-07-04
Weekend Box Office: Dark of the Moon Transforms Independence Day
Superman may be the iconic American superhero, but this Independence day it was the Transformers who won over the hearts and wallets of the nation. Raking in giant-freaking-robot-worthy amounts of cash and breaking records, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third entry in the franchise, dominated the holiday weekend.
Independence Day Scott Gwin 2011-07-03
Will Smith Will Be President In Emmerich's Independence Day Sequels
Director Roland Emmerich has been talking for awhile now about his plan to make not one, but two sequels to his 1996 mega-hit alien invasion movie Independence Day
Independence Day Josh Tyler 2010-09-30
Ten Movie Heroes Who Make Us Proud To Be Americans
To celebrate the Fourth of July and the things we like best about our country, we've picked our 10 favorite American movie heroes, from crusading presidents and lawyers to the badasses who would usher us
Independence Day Katey Rich and Eric Eisenberg 2010-07-03
Independence Day Sequel Rumors Denied
Earlier today we picked up a story from the good folks at IESB in which they reported Will Smith is signed on for two Independence Day sequels. At the time we made it clear that it was a rumor and suggested everyone wait for a second confirmation
Independence Day Josh Tyler 2010-03-30
Will Smith Set For Two Independence Day Sequels?
Will Smith is now locked in not only for Independence Day 2, but for Independence Day 3 as well. They’re planning some a two movie story arc, with both films being shot back to back
Independence Day Josh Tyler 2010-03-30
Lost In Space: Sci-Fi For People Who Don't Like Sci-Fi
I'm about to lose the little bit of geek cred I've gained since I began writing for Cinema Blend by saying what I'm about to say: I don't like Sci-Fi movies. It's not that Science Fiction isn't a fruitful, intelligent, and credible genre
Independence Day Tim Gomez 2009-12-21
Emmerich Planning 2 New Independence Days Sequels, ID4-Ever
Emmerich revealed that they’re actually planning more than one Independence Day sequel. He says, “What we want to do in the next – it's actually two movies – we want to do a bigger arc.”
Independence Day Josh Tyler 2009-11-12
Exclusive: Roland Emmerich Wants To Make Independence Day 2 Because Of Obama
As for why it's taken so long to get the sequel started, you can blame George W. Bush. "In Independence Day, it was about a king who leads his country into a fight against an outside invader. I didn't want to make that movie during the Bush years.
Independence Day Katey Rich 2009-11-05
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