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Anchorman: The Legend Continues Teaser Poster Smells Of Rich Mahogany
There are so many Anchorman quotes that run through your brain with just a single glimpse of Ron Burgundy's rich, lustrous mustache. It's really all you need to get ridiculously excited for Anchorman: The Legend Continues, and it's here in glorious close-up for the movie's new teaser poster, which Paramount sent over this afternoon, along with a brand-new synopsis. You can check that out below as well
anchorman: the legend continues Katey Rich 2013-06-18
We Are 72% Sure This Anchorman Exhibit At Washington D.C.'s Newseum Will Be Amazing
Perhaps most interesting for the film’s fans will be the full re-creation of the KVWN-TV set and anchor desk, where you can take a picture and have your own intimate times. You can also appear in an Anchorman-themed TV spot.
anchorman: the legend continues Nick Venable 2013-06-05
New Anchorman 2 Teaser Is 100% Snake Venom
So… although this is a new teaser trailer, it seems safe to assume this was shot a full year ago, and is only being released now to remind us that Anchorman 2 is coming this year, and that we shouldn't be too distracted by the likes of The Internship or The Heat while pondering what the year's best comedy might be
anchorman: the legend continues Katey Rich 2013-05-18
Nicole Kidman Will Cameo In Anchorman: The Legend Continues
The cast of Anchorman 2 is already crammed with familiar faces, from the core quartet of Will Ferrell/Paul Rudd/Steve Carell/David Koechner to total newcomers like Harrison Ford and Kristen Wiig. Is there room for yet another giant star to add to the mix, though? Of course there is
anchorman: the legend continues Katey Rich 2013-04-04
Anchorman 2 Hits Atlanta's Ice Skating Rinks
Will Ferrell – and a stand-in stunt ice skater – shot scenes at a temporary skating rink over the weekend. Security was tight on the comedy’s set (obviously), though Access Atlanta hints that photos from the Peachtree Center set might be floating around the Internet on people’s various social-media feeds.
anchorman: the legend continues Sean O'Connell 2013-03-25
Tina Fey Asks Paul Rudd For A Role In Anchorman 2, And More On Admission
In the film, Rudd and Fey share such a dynamic comedic chemistry that it's shocking they haven't been teamed up before! And the witty back-and-forth I witnessed on screen played out in real life when the two participated in a round table interview, stuffed with eager interviewers, a few weeks back.
anchorman: the legend continues Kristy Puchko 2013-03-22
Greg Kinnear And Josh Lawson Join The Star-Studded Anchorman 2 Cast
House of Lies' Josh Lawson - who co-starred with Ferrell in last year's The Campaign - and Greg Kinnear have both lined up parts in Anchorman: The Legend Continues.
anchorman: the legend continues Eric Eisenberg 2013-03-15
Anchorman Sequel Set Photo Suggests New Career For Champ Kind
Let’s speculate that Burgandy’s beloved news team has disbanded, with Koechner’s Kind branching off to start a fast-food chain of chicken joints in suburban San Diego. But when a major news event occurs, Ron must reunite the “band,” which also includes Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and Christina Applegate.
anchorman: the legend continues Sean O'Connell 2013-03-13
Meryl Streep Wants A Cameo In Anchorman 2
I'm pretty sure there's a clause in every single contract Meryl Streep signs that she's allowed to do whatever the hell she wants. Suddenly turn Hope Springs into a musical? Sure. Be a famous American playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady? Hey, it won her an Oscar! It might even go so far that every contract for every movie includes a Streep clause
anchorman: the legend continues Katey Rich 2013-03-07
Harrison Ford Will Dust Off His Comedic Chops For Anchorman: The Legend Continues
It’s strange how few comedies are peppered across Harrison Ford’s film career. Straight away from that smug, yet charming smile he donned through much of American Graffiti, it seemed obvious that he would be the leading man winning hearts and minds by adding masculinity to a comedy world being ruled by Woody Allen.
anchorman: the legend continues Nick Venable 2013-03-04
Meagan Good And Dylan Baker Sign On For Anchorman: The Legend Continues
As great as the core cast of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was - featuring Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner and Christina Applegate - perhaps even more impressive was its supporting cast and impressive number of cameos.
anchorman: the legend continues Eric Eisenberg 2013-02-28
Anchorman: The Legend Continues Adds John C. Reilly
It looks like the news that the Channel Four News Team going to New York isn't going to be the only cool little tidbit we learn about Anchorman: The Legend Continues today.
anchorman: the legend continues Eric Eisenberg 2013-02-27
Anchorman: The Legend Continues Will Take Ron Burgundy And Company To New York
Part of the Anchorman sequel will feature Ron (Ferrell), Brick (Steve Carell), Champ (David Koechner), Brian (Paul Rudd) and Veronica (Christina Applegate) leaving their comfortable San Diego homes to travel to New York.
anchorman: the legend continues Eric Eisenberg 2013-02-27
James Marsden To Rival Will Ferrell In Anchorman: The Legend Continues
Marsden is joining a star-studded cast that includes most actors from the first film, including Ferrell, Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd, and David Koechner, as well as comedy vets Kristen Wiig and Christina Applegate. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.
anchorman: the legend continues Nick Venable 2013-02-21
Anchorman 2 May Add Terence Stamp As A Rupert Murdoch-Type Media Mogul
Anchorman: The Legend Continues is happening. Adam McKay is directing based on a script he co-wrote with Will Ferrell; all of the major stars from the first movie, including Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell, David Koechner and Christina Applegate, are coming back; Kristen Wiig has signed on for role; and we know that there will musical numbers.But outside of that baseline information the highly anticipated comedy sequel is largely a mystery.
anchorman: the legend continues Eric Eisenberg 2013-02-14
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