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Mallrats 2 Is Coming Back With At Least These 5 Characters
It was just last week that director Kevin Smith hinted that he was developing a Mallrats 2, and while he has three movies lined up to film before working on that project, that hasn’t stopped him from starting to get a cast together.
kevin smith Eric Eisenberg 2015-03-23
See Jay & Silent Bob Reunite To Hype Mallrats 2
It’s certainly looking like Kevin Smith’s recent tease of a tweet regarding a sequel to 1995’s absurd, but adored comedy, Mallrats was on the level. Smith’s latest tweet may finally confirm what fans have been recently approaching with cautious optimism. With Smith depicting a mini cast reunion and a bold pronouncement, Mallrats 2 clearly isn’t just an optical illusion caused by gratuitous magic eye poster ogling.
kevin smith Joseph Baxter 2015-03-20
Is Mallrats 2 Happening? Here's What Kevin Smith Says
Kevin Smith hints that a sequel to his sophomore film, Mallrats, might be in store. That’s right, Mallrats 2 could be on the way.
kevin smith Brent McKnight 2015-03-13
What Happened When Kevin Smith Showed Clerks 2 To Quentin Tarantino
Writer/director Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino came up at the exact same time in 1994, with both Smith releasing Clerks and Tarantino releasing Reservoir Dogs, thanks to the help of a little-known man (at that time) named Harvey Weinstein. Watch the two of them, along with Robert Rodriguez, as they discuss Clerks II in 2006 and then talk about the experience.
kevin smith William Fanelli 2015-02-25
The Fear Monger: M. Night Shyamalan Already Has Another Thriller In The Works
Despite the fact that his next movie, The Visit, doesn’t come out until the end of the summer, director M. Night Shyamalan is apparently already busy at work on his next feature. He can't just sit around watching Unbreakable over and over, can he?
kevin smith Nick Venable 2015-02-09
Kevin Smith's Daughter Had The Legal Power To Kick Him Off His Latest Comedy
Out of all of the interesting contract clauses we've seen in star's contracts, Yoga Hosers has to have one of the craziest. Read more on how Harley Quinn Smith could have fired her dad in a heartbeat!
kevin smith Mike Reyes 2015-01-02
Watch Kevin Smith Share His Reaction To The Star Wars Episode VII Trailer
Yesterday's release of the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has everyone talking. Hear what Kevin Smith has to say about the trailer.
kevin smith Kendall Ashley 2014-11-29
Of Course Kevin Smith Can't Stay Away From The Biopic About Kevin Smith
When something “Kevin Smith” related happens in this industry, Smith often has his hand in it – including a planned biopic on the director’s first film.
kevin smith Sean O'Connell 2014-11-27
The Craziest Thing About Tim Burton's Canceled Superman Project
Instead of making Superman Lives, Tim Burton moved on to future projects, and Bryan Singer took a stab at the Man of Steel for Superman Returns.
kevin smith Sean O'Connell 2014-10-31
Clerks III Is Coming, Here's What We Know
It's been nearly twenty years to the day since Kevin Smith made his theatrical debut with Clerks. And apparently the New Jersey born-and-raised director feels this is the perfect time to start dropping details on the long-rumored Clerks III.
kevin smith Kristy Puchko 2014-10-31
Kevin Smith Just Shaved Off His Beard And He Looks Weird
Kevin Smith has looked pretty much the same way throughout his thirty or so years of filmmaking. Brace yourselves, as Yoga Hosers has required him to change his look in the most drastic way.
kevin smith Mike Reyes 2014-10-27
Kevin Smith Wrote This Diary Entry Right Before Filming Clerks
As part of the indie wave in the early '90s that brought us filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, Richard Linklater and more, Kevin Smith will long have his own little corner in cinematic history - and it's all because of Clerks. The black-and-white dark comedy about two men in a convenience store earned critical acclaim festival back in 1994, and to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary, it's director has posted a little note about its origins on Twitter:
kevin smith Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-19
Why Kevin Smith Wouldn't Have A Career Without Quentin Tarantino
The following story not only tells you how Kevin Smith drew inspiration from Quentin Tarantino for Clerks, it's probably the only time you'll see Madonna and Star Wars mentioned in the same story. Unless you read a lot of British tabloids.
kevin smith Mike Reyes 2014-10-09
This Is Kevin Smith's Insane, Ridiculous Idea To Reboot Jaws
Smith is a noted worshipper of Steven Spielberg’s shark masterpiece, and was asked if he thought it might one day be rebooted. Smith agreed that it’s likely inevitable, but then – on the spot, and in the moment – cooked up an idea that would bring Spielberg back to his prized franchise, the way Ridley Scott has returned to Alien and Blade Runner.
kevin smith Sean O'Connell 2014-10-03
Clerks 3 Is Finally Happening, Here's Why
What could possibly happen in Clerks 3? The convenience store was open once again at the end of Clerks 2. But knowing Smith’s mind, the possibilities are endless. So long as they don’t involve a walrus suit.
kevin smith Sean O'Connell 2014-09-29
Kevin Smith And Justin Long Want To Make A Zack And Miri Spinoff
Justin Long has revealed that he has held discussions with director Kevin Smith about a Zack And Miri Make A Porno spin-off film that would revolve around his character from the raunchy sex-comedy, Brandon St. Randy.
kevin smith Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-17
Kevin Smith Ends His Personal War With Film Critics
Tusk filmmaker Kevin Smith has apparently decided that movie critics are once again cool with him, as revealed in this new interview. Let's all head to the convenience store for some make-up roof hockey!
kevin smith Mike Bracken 2014-09-11
Kevin Smith's Weird New Movie Tusk Has Some Weird New Footage
Watch Justin Long beg for his life in this captivating clip from Kevin Smith's Tusk, the filmmaker's second foray into the dark and twisted world of horror cinema. Tusk, featuring performances from Long, Michael Parks, and Haley Joel Osment, opens wide on September 19.
kevin smith Mike Bracken 2014-09-08
Johnny Depp To Star With His Teenage Daughter In Kevin Smith's Action-Adventure Yoga Hosers
Kevin Smith has a number of big shot Hollywood friends, having worked with a number of them during his time as a director, but recently he has apparently become close with Johnny Depp, of all people. Back in April it was "revealed" that the Oscar-nominated actor would be playing a role in the filmmaker's upcoming horror movie Tusk, but their collaboration isn't ending there.
kevin smith Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-19
Kevin Smith's Bonkers Horror 'Tusk' Debuts First Splendidly Psychotic Trailer
As a filmmaker and pop culture icon, Kevin Smith is a polarizing figure - even within his own fanbase. Some want him to keep cranking out potty-mouthed social situations, while others wouldn’t mind if he retired and stuck with podcasting and Tweeting about Batman. With his upcoming horror flick Tusk, Smith apparently took everyone’s opinions about his career and threw them in the bottom of the ocean, or wherever it is that walruses like to hang out and scare the shit out of people.
kevin smith Nick Venable 2014-07-25
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