How Avengers 2 Fixes Hulk's Clothing Malfunction Problem
In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we've seen Bruce Banner suffer the embarrassment that comes with unintentional public nudity multiple times. This is definitely a problem that's been going on for far too long, but it's one that is finally given a solution in Joss Whedon's upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2015-03-25
New Details On The Massive Hulk Vs. Iron Fight In Avengers 2
This sequence has been hinted at in pretty much every piece of marketing material leading up to the May 1 release of the Marvel sequel. And it includes a very important piece of information: Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) is, indeed, controlling The Hulk.
Hulk Sean O'Connell 2015-03-13
How The Hulk Could Be A Villain In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
There are many paths they could take the Hulk down for future movies, but one especially interest twist is if the MCU shifted Hulk from her to villain. Just look to his alternate-timeline counterpart the Maestro for inspiration.
Hulk Adam Holmes 2015-03-06
Why The Hulk Is Going To Be Extremely Different In Avengers: Age Of Ultron
At this point, we need to come to terms with the fact that we might never see another solo Hulk movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Marvel has compromised a bit. According to Joss Whedon, Hulk plays a major role in Age of Ultron, way more so than in the first installment.
Hulk Nick Romano 2015-03-04
The Hulk Looks More Jacked Than Ever In New Avengers 2 Poster
Yesterday Robert Downey Jr. posted the Iron Man-centric poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now itís time for The Hulk to shine, and he looks like heís ready for battle.
Hulk Adam Holmes 2015-02-26
Why The Hulk Will Probably Never Get Another Solo Movie
In Marvelís 2012 team-up mega-movie, The Avengers, Mark Ruffaloís rendition of the Hulk was undoubtedly the scene-stealer of the film. Yet, contrary to that celebration, it seems that Ruffalo has serious doubts if he will ever step in front of the camera for a solo run with his widely lauded version of Hulk.
Hulk Joseph Baxter 2015-02-17
The Odds Your Favorite MCU Hero Will Be in Spider-Man's Movie
Marvel and Sony have set aside their differences are working together to bring Spider-Man into the cinematic universe of the Avengers! What are the odds that some of our favorite MCU characters will be popping up in a Spider-Man movie?
Hulk Nick Romano 2015-02-10
Wait, The Hulk Is Going To Turn Grey In Avengers 2?
Most people are used seeing Hulk as a green-skinned monstrosity, but a new product preview suggests that Avengers: Age of Ultron might change Marvelís Green Goliath into the Gray Goliath.
Hulk Adam Holmes 2015-01-21
Marvel Fanatic Shows You How To Make A 12-Hour Tribute Video To Every Marvel Movie
A bona-fide Marvel nut has created an instructional video on how you can make a 12 hour and fifteen minute Marvel super film! And it looks rather immense.
Hulk Gregory Wakeman 2014-12-26
Why Tony Stark Isn't The Only Avenger Responsible For Ultron
As the only member of The Avengers with a good deal of experience working in the field of robotics and war machines, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark found a lot of fingers pointing at him when it was announced that Ultron would be the villain of The Avengers 2. It turned out that this was a true assumption, but he's not going to be the only member of the titular superhero team with blood on his hands.
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-24
Why Marvel Doesn't Really Want To Give Hulk A Movie
While Marvel has delighted fans with the return of characters like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a question that has been repeatedly brought up by fans is, ďWhereís Hulk?Ē The green monster became a fan favorite after Joss Whedonís The Avengers in 2012, and yet the film studio decided that he would be the only one of the four core team members without a solo movie sequel. Why?
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-17
The Character Joss Whedon Always Wanted In The Avengers Franchise
Joss Whedon did something truly incredible at the helm of the first Avengers movie. In unprecedented fashion, he brought together not just a team of blockbuster superheroes, but brought together multiple franchises into one super movie. As impressive as his work was, however, it turns out that what he was really always looking forward to in the future was making an Avengers movie featuring The Vision.
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-17
Iron Man Might Not Be In The Hulkbuster Armor, Here's Why
One of the biggest mysteries from the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is why Hulk is fighting Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster armor. However, what if Tony isnít even in the armor? A tease for an upcoming product might be hinting at that.
Hulk Adam Holmes 2014-12-16
Watch What Happens When Kids Ask Mark Ruffalo To Hulk Out
What I love about the clip is the moment where Ruffalo pretends that heís going to Hulk out Not the kidís reaction (which is equally priceless). Just the sight of Ruffalo beefing himself up.
Hulk Sean O'Connell 2014-11-24
10 Marvel Characters Who Lost Big In The Phase Three Announcement
Weíre not saying that Marvel couldnít make changes to accommodate films based around these characters at some point. But now that Phase Three has been mapped out, and all of those choice release dates claimed, here are the 10 characters who lost big once all of the Marvel dust had settled.
Hulk Sean O'Connell 2014-10-29
14 Things To Know About The Hulk In The Avengers 2
This past summer I had the pleasure of joining a small group of other journalists to visit the set of Joss Whedonís The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and speaking with Mark Ruffalo behind the scenes we discovered some fascinating info about what Hulk has been up to since 2012 and what he will be doing in the upcoming blockbuster. The actor revealed a ton of great, surprising and fun stuff, so read on to learn what you can expect in the future from Hulk!
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-28
Wait, Avengers: Age Of Ultron Might Let The Hulk Fall In Love Again?
Thanks to his gamma radiation-caused ďcondition,Ē Bruce Banner a.k.a. The Hulk has a bit of a hard time maintaining romantic relationships. But he isnít a character entirely without love. He got to rekindle some romance with Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) in Louis Leterrierís The Incredible Hulk, and it seems that he will get a new lady love in Joss Whedonís The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-28
How Much Should The Hulk Talk? Marvel Can't Figure Out The Answer Either
Mark Ruffalo himself revealed this interesting conundrum while chatting with myself and a small group of other journalists between set ups, discussing just how much weíll be getting to hear The Hulk speak in the upcoming sequel. Though the production was months into filming by the time we got there, the actor revealed that he, Joss Whedon and the folks at Marvel were still working out exactly how much and when the gamma radiated beast would be talking.
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-28
This Is Why Hulk Isn't Getting His Own Solo Movie In Marvel Studios' Phase 3
The Hulk reached new levels of popularity after the release of Joss Whedonís The Avengers back in 2012, but once again it has been revealed that a new standalone movie about the green goliath isnít coming in the near future. So what exactly is going on? We got the answer from Marvel Studios Kevin Feige himself.
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-28
The Avengers 2: What We Know So Far About Age Of Ultron
The Avengers 2 is being titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The sequel will add new superheroes to the returning group of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Find out who those new superheroes are, and more, right here.
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-24
Avengers 2 Is Using This Invention To Make The Hulk As Realistic As Possible
The Hulk has come so far from the earliest days, when television producers slapped green makeup on actor Lou Ferrigno and asked him to run around in pre-shredded shirts and shorts. And every time the green giant returns to the screen, his look improves.
Hulk Sean O'Connell 2014-10-17
Will Your Favorite Superhero Die In Marvelís Civil War? Here Are The Odds
There is now a massive threat looming over the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No, Iím not talking about Thanos, Iím talking about Civil War. Last night it was revealed that the massively popular 2006 comic book crossover will soon be coming to the big screen in the form of the MCUís Phase Three. We expect the consequences of the events to be tremendous, with at least some casualties. But who will be biting the bullet?
Hulk Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-14
This Is What Ang Lee's Hulk 2 Was Going To Be About
In a conversation with BAFTA officials, the Oscar-nominated scripter James Schamus revealed that he had ďa really cool ideaĒ for the sequel, which never materialized.
Hulk Sean O'Connell 2014-09-19
The Hulk Says Another Hulk Movie Is Coming
Actor and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno teased Marvel's true believers with some updates involving The Incredible Hulk's film and television future this weekend while attending Wizard World Comic Con. Get the lowdown on the latest rumors here.
Hulk Mike Bracken 2014-09-15
Mark Ruffalo Seeks A More Philosophical Direction For A Solo Hulk Movie
The Hulk has had two shots at the big screen so far, and while both films have their fans, neither is exactly beloved. By the time Mark Ruffalo suited up to play Bruce Banner in The Avengers, fans had already become divided on the issue of who the Hulk and his human alter ego really are.
Hulk Gabe Toro 2014-07-21
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