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Jamie Foxx's Sleepless Night Remake Has A Badass, All-Star Cast
The cast to this Americanized adaptation of French action film, Sleepless Night starring Jamie Foxx is actually coming along impressively. With the recent announcement of more additions to the cast, let's take a look at the lineup.
dermot mulroney Joseph Baxter 2015-05-29
Dermot Mulroney Scares Up A Role In Insidious: Chapter 3
Insidious: Chapter 3 is moving ahead full steam, and aiming to scare audiences across the world next Spring. To help them out, they've cast an actor you probably wouldn't expect in a horror movie... unless you count My Best Friend's Wedding as a horror movie.
dermot mulroney Mike Reyes 2014-06-26
Interview: The Family Tree’s Dermot Mulroney
We get our fair share of dysfunctional families on the big screen, but very few to the extent of the Burnetts in The Family Tree. Dermot Mulroney stars as the papa bear, Jack. When his wife, Bunnie (Hope Davis), gets knocked out during some naughty and unfaithful role-playing, Jack finds her at the hospital unable to remember anything that happened after they were married.
dermot mulroney Perri Nemiroff 2011-08-26
Christina Hendricks Gets Some Lascivious Attention In Red-Band Trailer For The Family Tree
Even though it's coming to theaters next week, the indie comedy The Family Tree is keeping a pretty low profile-- and at this point in the summer, when a lot of distributors try to cast off movies they're not that invested in, it might not be a good sign. Still, the movie stars a lot of people you've heard of like Hope Davis and Dermot Mulroney, and the newly released red band trailer features Mad Men siren Christina Hendricks
dermot mulroney Katey Rich 2011-08-19
First Trailer For Love Wedding Marriage Arrives Online
When you consider how the film careers of most pop stars pan out, one has to admit that Mandy Moore has done quite well for herself. While she's never put on what people would consider an Oscar worthy performance and has done quite a few bad films, she does consistently get work and starred in one of my favorite movies from last year, Tangled.
dermot mulroney Eric Eisenberg 2011-04-12
Liam Neeson And Joe Carnahan To Reunite In The Alaskan Tundra For The Grey
Apparently Joe Carnahan and Liam Neeson really liked working together on this past summer's The A-Team because the pair is set to reunite for
dermot mulroney Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-05
Teri Polo And Dermot Mulroney Head Into The Beyond
Back when Meet The Parents first came out, I had high aspirations for Teri Polo. Surrounded by stars like Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Blythe Danner and Owen Wilson, she truly managed to hold her own
dermot mulroney Eric Eisenberg 2010-12-16
Kevin Smith's Red State Casts A Veronica Mars Villain
You may, after this, secretly suspect that Kevin Smith’s Red State is being cast based on the director’s love of television. So far he’s added people from Walker, Texas Ranger
dermot mulroney Josh Tyler 2010-08-04
Dermot Mulroney Lines Up Next Directing Gig
This is a refreshing outlook from a guy that could have easily spent his directing career rehashing the same tired plots and contrived romantic outcomes. With a film about Weah
dermot mulroney Doug Norrie 2010-06-25
Mulroney Finalizes Cast For Love, Wedding, Marriage
Dermot Mulroney been in enough family/romantic comedies that is was only a matter of time before he took a stab at directing one of his own
dermot mulroney Doug Norrie 2010-04-08
Jessica Alba, Marriage Counselor?
When casting agents are looking for a young female lead, presumably they have dozens upon dozens of relatively famous young actresses who can star in a movie. So why do they all keep settling on Jessica Alba?
dermot mulroney Katey Rich 2009-09-29
Dermot Mulroney Tries Directing On For Size
Maybe you saw none of his movies, and never knew Dermot Mulroney existed. He has a plan for that! Namely, he's going to become a director, meaning that he can either set himself free from the middling movies he's starred in, or make one of his own
dermot mulroney Katey Rich 2009-05-12
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