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Entourage Trailer Delivers Glamor, Drama And Ton Of Cameos
We haven't seen a brand new trailer for Entourage since the first spot for the movie debuted just before Christmas, but Warner Bros. has no unleashed the second preview for the movie, which you can catch in the embed inside,
entourage Eric Eisenberg 2015-03-24
Super Bowl Movie Trailers: 10 Films That Need Awesome TV Spots
These are the 10 movies on Hollywoodís release schedule that could use a Super Bowl boost. Maybe they arenít on your radar yet? Maybe a studio showed some footage, and it didnít go over as well as planned? Super Bowl Sunday could be Salvation Sunday if these films play their cards right.
entourage Sean O'Connell 2015-01-28
Did Entourage Just Spoil A Major Scene From The Upcoming Movie?
The cast of Entourage filmed several scenes for its upcoming movie on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday evening. This has immediately sparked rumors of how they could be incorporated into the comedy, with some even suggesting that these scenes could be the precursor to Adrian Grenierís Vince picking up a nice trophy in the film.
entourage Gregory Wakeman 2015-01-12
The Entourage Trailer Is Sexy, Silly And Packed With A-List Cameos
ďSadly, all good parties must come to an end.Ē This is the phrase that sets the tone for our first look at Entourage, the 2015 feature-length film based on the popular (but now defunct) HBO series.
entourage Sean O'Connell 2014-12-23
Entourage Eyeing Two Super Bowl Winners For High-Scoring Cameos?
The NFL is currently kneepad-deep in free agency, and the trades are coming as fast as the bullshit flows from one superagent Ari Goldís mouthpiece. His portrayer, actor Jeremy Piven, is full of a few things himself, but none of it is the Super Bowl-winning pride of superstar young quarterback Russell Wilson.
entourage Nick Venable 2014-03-18
Entourage Circles A 2015 Release Date
The Entourage movie has shoots planned in L.A. and Miami. We donít have a lot of details about the plot, though if you stuck with the show over the course of its cable run, you know that it will poke fun at the interior of the film industry, this time promoting Pivenís super agent, Ari Gold, to a full-blown studio head.
entourage Sean O'Connell 2014-02-25
Billy Bob Thornton Joins The Entourage Movie
THR describes Thorntonís role as if it will fit like a black leather glove: heíll play a billionaire cowboy turned film financier who gambles on Adrian Grenier's Vinny Chase to star in a mega blockbuster. Thornton, who seems like heís been 44 years old forever, will mostly be overseeing the production from afar, as his character will have a twentysomething son on set monitoring the action and ensuring his investment is sound.
entourage Gabe Toro 2014-01-30
The Entourage Movie Is Now Shooting
Entourage movie began principal photography last Thursday, January 16th. And thanks to Ellin's Instagram account, it's like we all dropped by for a visit.
entourage Kristy Puchko 2014-01-20
See The Entourage Cast Reunited, Plus Production Start Confirmed
If you want all the latest details on the upcoming, actually-real Entourage movie, you could do worse than to follow the Instagram feed of series creator Doug Ellin. He was the first person to confirm, last month, that the contract disputes had been settled and the boys were coming back, and today he posted the above photo and message, which confirms the movie will go into production on January 16.
entourage Katey Rich 2013-11-20
Could Kate Upton Give The Entourage Movie A Reason To Exist?
Could the Entourage movie finally find a reason to exist by hiring a supermodel to star in it? The spinoff from the long-running HBO series presumably has some die-hard fans who want to show up in theaters to see the further adventures of Vincent Chase and the boys, but just in case it doesn't, don't worry: The Wrap reports that Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton is being eyed for a lead role in the film, which is set to start production early next year
entourage Katey Rich 2013-11-12
The Entourage Movie Settles Its Contract Disputes, Finally Moves Ahead
Because the life of Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven and company apparently really is like an episode of Entourage, everything has magically worked out in the process of making an Entourage movie; according to a tweet from Doug Ellin, the series creator and intended director of the film, the HBO series is finally on its way toward the big screen
entourage Katey Rich 2013-10-29
Jeremy Piven's Fat Paycheck Is Holding Up the Entourage Movie
The mystery of who is holding up the Entourage movie continues to unravel with news that Jeremy Piven's fat deal with the film's producers has caused envy amongst his would-be costars.
entourage Kristy Puchko 2013-10-23
Adrian Grenier Responds To Mark Wahlberg's Claims About Greed Halting Entourage Movie
Just last week, Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg was accosted at LAX airport by paparazzi. Asked about when the long in-the-works project might finally roll into production, Wahlberg said, ďAs soon as them guys stop being so greedy.Ē
entourage Kristy Puchko 2013-10-21
Mark Wahlberg Says 'Greedy' People Are Holding Up The Entourage Movie
Wahlberg wasnít specific by who he means with ďthem guys,Ē so TMZ speculates that heís referring to members of the cast. Are certain actors asking for too much money to be part of a big-screen Entourage movie? Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon and Kevin Connolly arenít exactly lighting the industry on fire.
entourage Sean O'Connell 2013-10-16
The Entourage Movie Gets The Green Light
Unlike shows like Arrested Development and Firefly, the HBO series Entourage was still very much alive when rumors about a possible movie began - in fact, it was only in the fourth season of its eventual eight season run. Talk about a feature continued during the entire rest of the show's run and only intensified once it aired its season finale in September of 2011.
entourage Eric Eisenberg 2013-01-29
Entourage's Turtle Signs Up For Last Vegas
Since the series' cancellation the Entourage boys are struggling to find their groove, save for Jerry Ferrara, who landed a role in the spring hit Think Like a Man and now may join the star-stacked ensemble comedy Last Vegas.
entourage Kristy Puchko 2012-09-16
Entourage Script To Be Completed This Week By Series Creator Doug Ellin
The final episode of Entourage debuted one year ago yesterday and today delivers some great news for fans: the script for the planned feature film is about to be completed. While there has been talk of a possible Entourage movie years ago, it's now being reported that show creator Doug Ellin is on page 110 of his screenplay and plans to finish it by the start of next week.
entourage Eric Eisenberg 2012-09-12
Promises Of An Entourage Movie Heat Up As The Final Season Begins
Their enthusiasm shouldn't be mistaken for actual plans-- this is the strong face they present to critics as they promote the final season of their show, and it may not bear any resemblance to financial or creative reality. If an Entourage movie is going to happen, it ought to happen now
entourage Katey Rich 2011-07-29
Tribeca Interview: Angels Crestís Jeremy Piven
Hopefully youíre ready to see Jeremy Pivenís serious side because in one of his latest films, Angels Crest, Piven really turns on the drama tackling some rather troubling subject matter. In honor of the filmís world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival...
entourage Perri Nemiroff 2011-04-24
Mark Wahlberg Still Promising An Entourage Movie
Wahlberg has updated EW about the proposed Entourage movie that will follow this final season of the long running HBO television series. Though he hasnít forgotten about the movie
entourage Will LeBlanc 2010-12-09
Entourage: The Movie Isn't Just A Male Fantasy
This might have been a good idea, say, around season 2. But if youíve watched Entourage lately then youíre well aware that the show is getting very long in the tooth. Whatever real significance it had is long gone. All thatís left
entourage Josh Tyler 2009-12-04
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