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How Pee-wee Herman Is Creatively Reinventing Pee-wee's Best Lines
Since first appearing in 1980’s Cheech & Chong's Next Movie, Pee-wee Herman has left an indelible mark on popular culture – and a big part of that is the character’s key catchphrases. From his famous laugh to “I know you are, but what am I?” audiences have been quoting Pee-wee for decades now.
pee-wee herman Eric Eisenberg 2016-03-07
Why Pee-wee Herman Is Different In The Movies And TV Shows
The character Pee-wee Herman, portrayed by Paul Reubens, has been a fun part of pop culture for more than 35 years now, and in that time has expanded across multiple mediums. Reubens first created Herman for the stage, but he broke out thanks to an HBO special, gained popularity with his television series, and even got to be the titular character of a few of his own movies.
pee-wee herman Eric Eisenberg 2016-03-01
Pee-wee's Big Holiday Trailer: Watch The Beloved Character Make His Delightful Return
It’s time for yet another adventure for Pee-wee Herman. The over 30-year-old character is back in a new movie for Netflix and the first full trailer has finally been released.
pee-wee herman Dirk Libbey 2016-02-16
Watch The Teaser For Netflix's New Pee-Wee Herman Movie And Try Not To Feel Nostalgic
If you’re a child of the '80s then you remember Pee-Wee Herman. The man-child played by Paul Reubens had a not-for-children TV special, a couple of ridiculous movies and a Saturday morning kids show.
pee-wee herman Dirk Libbey 2016-01-20
Pee-wee's Big Holiday Adds Jessica Pohly As Badass Role
Netflix's Pee-wee's Big Holiday just added Jessica Pohly to the cast in what could be a totally badass role.
pee-wee herman Brent McKnight 2015-04-20
What Pee-Wee's Big Holiday Will Actually Be About
There has been a lot of talk about the new Judd Apatow-produced Pee-wee Herman film since we first heard about the project years ago. Now we finally know what the plot of the long-awaited Paul Reubens vehicle is going to be... and let me just say it sounds fantastic.
pee-wee herman William Fanelli 2015-02-24
Judd Apatow's Pee-wee Herman Movie Is Happening But Not How We Thought
It’s been a good, long while since we got a Pee-wee Herman movie, but one has been in the works for a while with Paul Reuben returning as the iconic character and Judd Apatow attached as a producer. When last we heard, the still-untitled film had landed at Universal, but apparently it found another, more unexpected home when nobody was looking.
pee-wee herman Nick Romano 2014-12-23
Pee-wee Herman Impersonating Ultron Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day
We've seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and it's perfect. We've seen the inevitable Avengers 2 trailer/Pinocchio mash-up and that too was pretty perfect. Next up is something a little less expected but no less amazing. A Pee-wee Herman dub of the Avengers 2 trailer, recorded by none-other than Paul Reubens...
pee-wee herman Kelly West 2014-10-30
More Pee-wee Herman Is Coming, Get The Details Here
Pee wee-Herman is returning to the big-screen, according to Paul Reubens. And while the actor hasn't given too much away regarding a third cinematic adventure for the beloved children’s character, he has teased that an announcement regarding the feature is coming “imminently.”
pee-wee herman Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-21
Listen To Pee-Wee Herman As The Voice Of Roger Rabbit
Who Framed Roger Rabbit remains a classic example of new techniques used with old fashioned storytelling, and it holds up to this day. But it wasn't always the film we know and love today, and in this recent find, you can see what was originally planned for everyone's favorite would be murderer.
pee-wee herman Mike Reyes 2014-09-11
Pee-wee Herman's Bike Sells At Auction
Certifying that the bike is real, the auction also came with “an autographed photo of Paul Ruebens, a photo of him signing the photo, [a] letter/certificate of authenticity, [and a] Warner Bros. plans/spec sheet on the red cargo boxes.”
pee-wee herman Eric Eisenberg 2014-03-07
The Judd Apatow-Produced Pee-Wee Herman Movie Now Has A Director
Reubens says the script he co-wrote with comedian Paul Rust is finished and that the film’s financing has been secured, with production set to begin at some point in 2014. While it would have been pretty amazing to get Apatow in the director’s chair, I seriously doubt that’ll be the surprise. What about if the franchise came full circle and landed Tim Burton for the job?
pee-wee herman Nick Venable 2013-08-06
Comic Con 2011: Pee-wee Herman's New Movie Is Written And Ready For The Road
Pee-wee Herman showed up at Comic Con today, not Paul Reubens mind you, to talk about his new movie. Yes, he’s making another movie and it’s kind of a big deal. He’s working on the film with Judd Apatow’s production company and during the course of his Con appearance Pee-Wee revealed...
pee-wee herman Josh Tyler & Jesse Carp 2011-07-21
Bananas: Jake Gyllenhaal And Pee-Wee Herman Explain Each Others' Projects
We’re all pretty familiar with the Internet by now so we shouldn’t be surprised when some bonkers shit lands on our front page. This, dear reader, is some of that bonkers shit. In these videos posted today by Pee-Wee Herman, AKA Paul Reubens, he and apparently close buddy Jake Gyllenhaal
pee-wee herman Will LeBlanc 2011-03-14
Apatow's Bridesmaids And Billy Bob Thornton Directed Doc To Debut At SXSW
The SXSW film festival is only days away and yet the Austin based mega-fest isn’t done adding big films to its lineup. This afternoon they let us know that they’ve lined up a closing night film, directed by frequent southby attendee Billy Bob Thornton. The movie’s called King of Luck and it’s a documentary about the greatness of Willie Nelson.
pee-wee herman Josh Tyler 2011-03-02
Judd Apatow Is Thinking About Directing The Next Pee-wee Herman Movie
Last year some truly awesome news came across our desk that a new Pee-wee Herman movie had entered into development and that Judd Apatow would be the guy getting it done. The plan was
pee-wee herman Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-10
Apatow Producing A New Pee-wee Herman Movie
We as an audience went a long time without the presence of Pee-wee Herman. Huge back in the late 1980s, it all came crashing down when Paul Reubens got caught in an Adult Movie Theater waxing the ol'
pee-wee herman Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-30
Paul Reubens Is Jokey Smurf
The assumption on this movie all along has pretty much been that it’s a terrible idea. But maybe it’s time to rethink that position. Take a good, long, look at that voice cast. That’s a lot of talent
pee-wee herman Josh Tyler 2010-04-27
Pee-wee's Next Big Adventure Is Ready To Shoot
Now that Paul Reubens seems to have been forgiven for his past transgressions, he’s been talking for awhile now about his desire to get a new Pee-wee Herman done. Actually it seems like it’s more than just talk. Pee-wee himself tells
pee-wee herman Josh Tyler 2009-12-09
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