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The Weird, Futuristic Technology The Avatar Sequels May Use
James Cameron loves new technology and has long been a proponent of High Framerate filmmaking. Could he potentially shoot his Avatar sequels using new tech that allows for 120 frames per second filming?
to Mike Bracken 2014-09-16
A Step-By-Step Guide To Turning Actors Into Creepy Mutant Ninja Turtles
ILM uses something called Performance Retarget to turn the actors – in leotards and masks that record facial movements – into talking, fighting turtles. Pablo Helman, a VFX Supervisor, elaborates on how the process of capturing “performances” on actors can help effects artists translate that into what you see on screen in the movie.
to Sean O'Connell 2014-09-15
The Plot Of Avengers 2 Just Went Public, Read It Here
The first official synopsis has been released for Avengers: Age Of Ultron has been released, and it suggests that even the best laid plans of Tony Stark sometimes go awry. What will the team of Marvel heroes do when a robotic menace rises up and threatens the world? Find out inside!
to Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-15
Matt Damon Will Probably Return As Jason Bourne
When Matt Damon decided to walk away from the Jason Bourne franchise, it was for one very simple reason: he didn't want to make the movies without director Paul Greengrass involved, and Greengrass decided he was satisfied with the work that he had put into the series. Universal Pictures has moved on, making The Bourne Legacy with Tony Gilroy directing and Jeremy Renner starring, but now it looks like it won't be long until the original star returns.
to Eric Eisenberg 2014-09-15
The Really Angry Reason Why Ben Affleck Thinks He's Perfect For Batman
Ben Affleck has gotten a lot of stick for his casting as The Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But that's not going to stop him from leaving it all on the field, in fact he has a secret weapon in his arsenal that he thinks might win the day. Let's just hope it doesn't misfire.
to Mike Reyes 2014-09-15
Can You Name These 20 DC Comics Supporting Characters?
Here you’ll find our latest quiz, testing just how well all of you know the not-so-famous players in the history of DC Comics based films. Read our hints, guess the name, check your answers, and be sure to take our poll at the end to see how well you did compared to others!
to Eric Eisenberg 2014-09-15
Leslie Mann Will Probably Play This Original Vacation Character In The Reboot
A funny cast doesn't guarantee a funny movie, but it sure does help. In that respect, the reboot/remake of the classic 1980s comedy Vacation is headed in the right direction, as Leslie Mann is reportedly in talks to join previously cast Ed Helms and Christina Applegate. If all goes well, the This is 40 star would play Audrey Griswold.
to Kelly West 2014-09-15
This Is Who Ruined The Wolverine’s Last 5 Minutes, According To The Writer
Screenwriter Scott Frank has opened about the ending to The Wolverine, insisting that 20th Century Fox’s interference ruined the film. Frank, who penned the 2013 blockbuster that starred Hugh Jackman, believes that the concluding stages of Logan’s tale is hugely different in tone to the rest of the piece and, as a result, this massively ruined the blockbuster.
to Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-15
The I Know What You Did Last Summer Franchise Is Coming Back In This Form
The secret ingredient to the original I Know What You Did Last Summer, though, was screenwriter Kevin Williamson, who had penned the self-referential horror comedy Scream for Wes Craven the year before, and brought a lot of the same genre knowledge and winking humor that helped Summer separate itself from the pack.
to Sean O'Connell 2014-09-15
Did Captain America: The Winter Soldier Contain A Secret Superhero Cameo?
Those of you who have watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier with a real eagle eye for detail may have noticed that there is an extra hero in the film who never gets any mention or acclaim - and he drives a big yellow truck.
to Eric Eisenberg 2014-09-15
James Bond Will Head To These Three Countries In Bond 24
In every James Bond movie, there are always a couple of exotic locations that 007 whisks away to. After all, international security can't be completely served if you're just sitting at a desk filing paperwork in England - at least not the type of international security Bond handles. Shooting locations are important to any Bond film because not only does this give us some sort of hint as to where the threat facing the world is coming from, it also hints at the usually amazing set pieces that a good James Bond adventure is based around.
to Mike Reyes 2014-09-15
Guardians Of The Galaxy Originally Included Another Epic Dance Scene Involving This Character
If you're like me, you've spent the last month-and-a-half continually jamming out to the sounds of James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. But did you know that there was originally going to be an additional music sequence that wound up getting cut from the film?
to Eric Eisenberg 2014-09-15
See How Terrifying Dracula Untold Looks
Luke Evans shows off his take on classic vampire in these two new clips for Dracula Untold. Can the actor join the ranks of the all-time great Draculas alongside Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi? I guess we'll find out this October...
to Mike Bracken 2014-09-15
This Is How Far Daniel Radcliffe Is Willing To Go For A Role
This Halloween, Daniel Radcliffe will return to theaters in the fantasy-horror thriller Horns. But it turns out that the Harry Potter actor's true love is history, and he's looking to explore this interest with two enticing docudramas. What's more, he's going the extra mile to make sure that he's doing the material justice.
to Kristy Puchko 2014-09-15
The Unfortunate Reason Ang Lee’s Groundbreaking Ali/Frazier Biopic Might Not Happen
Ang Lee is set to be replaced as the director of his proposed 3D take on the infamous 1975 Thrilla In Manila bout between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Budget delays, as well as Lee’s insistence that the technology just isn’t right yet for the film, have forced the Oscar winning director of Life Of Pi to look elsewhere for work.
to Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-15
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