Warning: possible spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman! Read ahead at your own risk!

You have to hand it to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot. A few years ago people likely would've scoffed at the idea of a Wonder Woman solo movie, but their work on Diana Prince's origin story has proven incredibly effective with audiences. The film speaks for itself; Wonder Woman is a glorious return to form for the adventure genre, as well as a damn fine piece of superhero storytelling. The princess of Themyscira is now a mainstream superhero, and the future has never looked brighter for the character.

Coming off of a stellar first weekend at the box office, it's clear that Wonder Woman is DC's best movie in years. The film has achieved widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike, and it seems like the dawn of a new day for the DCEU. With such powerful momentum behind Diana Prince's first solo outing, we have put together a list of lessons that DC needs to learn from Wonder Woman's success going into the future of its (admittedly crowded) slate.

Wonder Woman No Man's Land

Period Pieces Can Help Flesh Out The DCEU

Setting a superhero story in the grit and grime of The Great War always felt equal parts risky and fresh. It's uncharted territory for the genre, but it has also managed to breathe some new life into what's possible for a DC story. Future DCEU adventures should capitalize on this concept and show a willingness to explore other time periods in which older heroes lived and fought. Wonder Woman 2 is obviously a perfect candidate for this, but there are also plenty of avenues to explore properties like the Justice Society of America (the 1940s), Batman Beyond (the not too distant future), or even a Black Adam movie set in ancient times. The DC timeline is more robust than casual fans think, and period pieces will help flesh out that idea.

Batman V Superman Trinity

Not Every Story Need To Be Connected

One of Wonder Woman's greatest assets is the way in which it feels wholly disconnected from the rest of the DCEU. Unlike Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Diana Prince's first solo adventure is not overly concerned with setting up future adventures in the DC Extended Universe, and that ultimately gives Patty Jenkins freedom to do anything that she wants with the titular heroine in this film. While there's certainly no question that continuity still reigns supreme in the realm of cinematic universes, Wonder Woman definitively proves that standalone movies with no overt connection to a greater overarching storyline still have a place in the modern blockbuster landscape. Think about it, when was the last time a superhero movie had such a satisfying beginning, middle, and ending?



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