Where Does Logan Fit In The X-Men Timeline? Here's What Director Said
Logan takes place at some point in the future, but which future exactly? Is it pre or post Days of Future Past? Director James Mangold opens about when Wolverine's next adventure takes place.
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Wolverine 3 Image Teases A New Location
The upcoming solo flick, which has been recently revealed as titled Logan, has been sharing images from the set every day. The most recent of these images hints at a new setting for the X-Men franchise, adding yet another reason to be excited for Logan.
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Would Kelsey Grammer Ever Do Another X-Men Movie? Here’s What He Said
The X-Men franchise has a habit of recasting already established characters, especially during the First Class trilogy. But what happens to the actors who are no longer the current versions of the X-Men?
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New Wolverine 3 Image Is Gory And Intense
Logan has been rolling out the new images all week and this one teases some of the violence of this R-Rated superhero flick. Hit the jump to check it out.
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How Jubilee Should Be Used In The Next X-Men Movie, According To Lana Condor
Since Jubilee didn't perish during Apocalypse's reign of terror, that leaves the door for her to return to the X-Men movie universe at some point. If/when that happens, Lana Condor wants this to happen for the character.
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How Nightcrawler Should Change In The Next X-Men Movie, According To Kodi Smit-McPhee
X-Men: Apocalypse gave us a good introduction to the young actor's Nightcrawler, but how does he plan on developing the character further?
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What The X-Men: Apocalypse Ending Means For The Franchise, According To Kodi Smit-McPhee
The following story will contain spoilers for Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse, so STOP reading now if you haven't seen it yet.
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11 Awesome X-Men Facts We Learned From The X-Men Apocalypse Commentary
Thanks to a long press tour and many, many interviews with castmembers and filmmakers, the last year has been packed with interesting stories cropping up all over the place about X-Men: Apocalypse.
8 Things To Know About Mister Sinister After X-Men: Apocalypse
Those that stayed and watched the post-credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse know that there is a very real evil on the way in the future of the X-Men franchise.
How Mister Sinister Can Be Key To The Future Of The X-Men Franchise
What remains lacking in the X-Men series is a greater sense of cohesion in the franchise, and reminders that the events we're seeing in the various blockbusters are all happening within the same cinematic universe.
How X-Men: Apocalypse Is Letting You Turn Into Your Favorite X-Men Character
As a promotion for the film's upcoming home release, X-Men: Apocalypse will soon allow fans to actually become their favorite X-Men characters. Get the details!
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X-Men: Apocalypse Almost Featured A Punk Rock, Badass Version Of Storm, See Her Now
In addition to Jean Grey's colorful costume design, we've just been shown a version of Alexandra Shipp's Storm which is totally punk rock. Check it out below.
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Why It's Time To Give Up On The Gambit Movie
With Gambit recently suffering yet another big setback this week, we got to thinking about the film's potential, and wonder if it's even worth all of the trouble that it's giving the studio.
X-Men Back To School: What You Get When You Enroll In Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters
This time of year is known as the Back To School period of the year around the country, and though I graduated college seven years ago, it seems as though I can be counted among those who will soon be heading to class for some education.
One DC Actor Is Ready To Be The Next Wolverine, Here’s What We Know
With Hugh Jackman hanging up the claws and mutton chops, it's finally time for a new Wolverine to take the stage. Find out which DC actor wants his shot at the iconic Marvel character.
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How The X-Men TV Show Legion Will Connect To The Movies
The world of Marvel's X-Men has only come to TV through animated series so far, but FX is thankfully gifting us with Legion next year. And it will apparently have more to do with the film franchise than we thought.
The New Mutants Movie Just Took An Important Step Forward
Since May of 2015, director Josh Boone has been working on New Mutants as both director and writer, but today it was reported he's added new collaborators to the mix.
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Could The X-Men Show Up In Avengers: Infinity War? The Director Weighs In
Ever since Marvel struck a deal with Sony to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there have been rumors that something similar could happen with the Marvel properties over at Fox. Now, Avengers: Infinity War director Joe Russo has weighed in.
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More X-Men For Patrick Stewart After Wolverine 3? Here's What He Says
Patrick Stewart is reprising Professor X next year in Wolverine 3, but are there any other X-Men movies on the horizon for him? Here's what the actor says.
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Why The Gambit Movie Is Taking So Long, According To Simon Kinberg
Simon Kinberg has finally shed some light on why the Gambit movie has taken so long to come together when so many other X-Men movies have already premiered.
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