Detroit, Michigan residents are outraged after an ugly and vicious incident left a woman nine months pregnant in the hospital. The victim reportedly went out Friday night to attend a movie with the baby’s father, a man she’s no longer dating. When she stopped to drop him off hours later, the woman was reportedly forced from the car, blindfolded, bound, driven to an unknown location, doused with lighter fluid, set on fire and then shot. The two perpetrators left immediately afterwards, and miraculously, the victim was able to stop, drop and roll the fire out, undo her restraints and drive for help.

According to The Detroit Free Press, the twenty-two-year-old is expected to recover and should be out of the hospital soon. An ultrasound also reportedly showed the baby was unharmed by the attack. Two men, including the baby daddy the woman went to the movies with, have been arrested and are being held on attempted murder charges.

Violent crime in Detroit may have fallen quite a bit since its peak in the 1970s, but still, the city is filled with residents with high thresholds for outrage. It takes a lot to ruffle their collective feathers, but this shocking and vicious attack has done so. Physically harming a woman is unconscionable. Physically harming a pregnant woman is beyond morbid and sick.

Never underestimate the determination to survive, and never underestimate a smart woman’s ability to improvise and think under pressure. Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to the victim and her entire family. Here’s to hoping she continues to recover and is able to give her child everything he or she deserves.



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