Artist 50 Cent has a new album on the way, and the rapper has been busy gearing up for the release of that album, called Street King Immortal. A while back, he released the first single from his upcoming body of work, “New Day,” and now the man has put together a new music video for the album’s second single, “My Life,” to give fans another hint at what the full album will entail.

“My Life” is a collaborative effort, between 50 Cent, Eminem, and the smooth vocals of Maroon 5 lead singer and The Voice judge Adam Levine. The video for the track features the three music makers wandering alone through abandoned spaces, although only 50 Cent gets to drive the cool toys. Like the video, the song isn’t about meshing everyone’s vocal components into a fun party song or even harmonies. Each of the men get a verse or chorus to let their vocal and writing talents show, and it’s a pretty catchy track, even if the video isn’t quite as impressive.

If you are interested in “My Life,” you can buy the track, now. However, if you have a little more patience and want to wait to drop money for the whole album, you have a little while to wait. 50 Cent’s fifth studio album, Street King Immortal doesn’t drop until well after the holidays. It’s set to be released by Aftermath Entertainment on February 26, 2013, so keep a little bit of that Christmas money saved.



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