Adorable Alert: Watch This Dude And His Dog Share A Banana

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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I donít know who books Stupid Pet Tricks for the Late Show With David Letterman, but thereís at least one great, previously unused candidate out there. At some point, Youtube user Nathan Mazur taught his dog, Ollie, how to let bananas hit him in the nose and catch them on the way down. After awhile, they perfected the trick, and earlier this year, they posted the footage online.

It took awhile for people to discover the greatness, but now that they have, the clip has been racing around the Internet. If youíre looking for a smile, do yourself a favor and check out Mazur and his dogís bonding feat belowÖ

Iím not really sure if this is gross or not, but it seems like the perfect example of why having a dog is cool. All dogs want to do is hang out and be in on the action. If youíre sitting on the couch, they want to sit next to you. If youíre eating a banana, they want to chow down on half of the banana. Theyíre the ultimate companions.

Given how many dog people are out there, itís not a shock people are eating this up. Pun intended. Itís the right length for a successful viral clip, and even better, Mazur nails the tone perfectly, especially with his last understated comment.
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