During the raid on Justin Bieber’s house yesterday, the singer’s longtime buddy Lil Za was arrested for drug possession. Given the quantity of illegal substances allegedly discovered, the rapper was charged with a felony. Bad day, right? Well, thanks to some bad behavior while incarcerated, it actually got a whole lot worse.

According to TMZ, Lil Za was in the middle of posting bail as related to the original drug charge when he was allegedly got a little worked up emotionally and destroyed a jailhouse phone. The outburst was enough to get him re-arrested and charged with an additional felony, this one for vandalism.

Even if you feel you’ve been wrongfully accused, it’s always better to quietly take your medicine initially. Flying off the handle is never the right call. It only makes people look more guilty, and as any kid knows by the age of five, talking back and causing a scene is a recipe for greatly increasing the severity of a punishment.

The raid in question was carried out yesterday, less than a week after someone egged a home belonging to Bieber’s neighbor. The homeowner, who he’s had problems with in the past, told police he watched the pop star throw the eggs, but to this point, no one has been charged related to that mess.

It was during the search that police spotted a baggie of illegal drugs allegedly sitting out on the counter. Initially, authorities labeled it as cocaine, but upon further review, it may have been Ecstasy and Xanax, according to The New York Daily News. Either way, it’s a very serious matter, and if Lil Za isn’t careful, he could very well wind up in jail.

We’ll keep you updated as the authorities continue to investigate.



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