"And with burgers on the grill and sparkles on my eyes, he served me a fib with a side of lies. And we made out while wearing bibs, which someone told me, life won't always be glitter and ribs."

That's some deep stuff right there. But what more can we expect from Billy Eichner, who spends at least some of his time running around the sidewalks of New York City yelling at interviewing people and gossiping about celebrities. In Eichner's world, everything is serious and important, and that comes through just fine in his latest Funny or Die video, which has the comedian spoofing Taylor Swift with an unnervingly catchy song called "Glitter and Ribs," which comes dangerously close to capturing the kind of emotions we might be able to find in just about any Taylor Swift song. It's romantic and sweet and heartbreaking and it's sort of stuck in my head. Thanks Billy. You'll never know my heart like my heart knows my heart.

For those unfamiliar with Billy Eichner's comedy, no one takes pop culture more seriously than this guy… in a funny way. Last year, he went to the Super Bowl for Conan and interviewed people about Madonna playing the half-time show.

Approaching people and asking them about celebrities is sort of his thing, and it earned him a Daytime Emmy nomination this year. His comedy series Billy on the Street airs on Fuse and has the comedian walking or running up to people on the street and asking them for their thoughts and opinions on actors, musicians and other celebrities. He's easily frustrated by their answers, but just as easily excited when someone says something he likes. One of his recurring bits is "For a dollar," during which he offers people a dollar to answer his question, and it's usually something like, "What are you thoughts on Anne Hathaway?" You never really know what kind of response he's going to get until it happens…

If the above video wasn't enough, and you haven't tired of Eichner's screamy voice ("Clap your hands!"), here's the full Season 2 premiere episode of Billy on the Street.

And if you follow his Twitter, you'll be treated to helpful gems like this:



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