Celebrate Michael Jackson's Birthday With 5 Classic Videos

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Itís been more than four years since Michael Jackson unexpectedly passed away, but in many ways, nothing has really changed. His surviving family members are still fighting, and his name still regularly graces the front pages thanks to odd rumors and crazy headlines. In fact, a case could be made that he was far more famous for his eccentricities near the end of his life and even now than he was for his actual music, which is crazy because while heís one of the weirder people who ever lived, heís arguably the single greatest entertainer who ever lived.

Today is Michaelís birthday. Had he survived, he would have been fifty-five-years-old and still more than capable of churning out hit songs and lighting up the dance floor. Thatís why sometimes itís best to forget all the drama for a few minutes and just remember how insanely brilliant MJ really was. He could sing. He could dance, and he could write a hell of a pop song. When he was on stage, it was impossible to watch anyone else because at any given moment, you had the sense he could do something wonderful. You couldnít risk missing it.

Now that heís gone, that impulse element and potential for further greatness is gone, but luckily, he left behind an expansive and intensely re-listenable catalog of songs. He left behind a legacy thatís up there with the Beatles and Elvis Presley, and on his birthday, that seems worth honoring. So, regardless of however busy you might be today, take a few minutes of time to listen to a few MJ songs and think about the little kid from Gary, Indiana. Iím sure youíve heard them all dozens of times, but that doesnít make them any less fun.

Iíve gone ahead and embedded 5 of my favorite videos below. Have at themÖ


Billie JeanÖ.


Man In The MirrorÖ

Black Or WhiteÖ

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