The toxicology reports are finally back for Whitney Houston, and it seems the late singer had a mess of various drugs in her system when she passed. The test found traces of cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, Bendaryl and Flexeril, but apparently, the latter four didn’t play any significant roles in her undoing.

According to CBS News, a spokesman for the coroner’s office said Houston’s body showed long-term signs of cocaine abuse. Apparently that history, coupled with heart disease and cocaine she’d recently taken, directly led to the accidental drowning that’s been widely reported since Houston first passed.

For the last few decades of her life, Whitney lived hard and she lived fast. The pop star admitted in numerous interviews that she’d battled some drug problems, but she always put a positive face on it and made it clear she was still fighting. Through rehab stints and new relationships, she tried to kick her demons, but in the end, it seems they ultimately caught up with her.

There’s a lesson in here somewhere. Hopefully Houston’s death inspires many to get the help they need, but regardless, the main story here, as it was the day she passed, is that the world lost a supreme talent, a brilliant voice and most importantly, a mother. Whitney brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people’s faces with her incredible renditions, and I will miss her ability to captivate a stadium full of people, regardless of how she died.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to the entire Houston family as they struggle to come to terms with a loss that now appears even more senseless.



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