If Emma Stone Has A Sex Tape, We'll Probably Never See It

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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There are people you expect sex tapes from, and there are people who you would never associate with such seediness. Emma Stone obviously falls into the latter category, but if new whispers are to be believed, there is footage out there of her getting busy with some dude that is not Andrew Garfield.

Thatís what Radar Online is claiming. A source told the outlet Emma made the tape long before she ever achieved stardom, and itís currently in the hands of this mystery ex-boyfriend who would likely benefit financially if the footage ever leaked to Vivid or another distributor. Of course, any such financial gains would require Stone to sign off on the release in exchange for a percentage of the profits, and given her monetary situation and the way she carries herself, the chances of that happening are quite minimal.

Consequently, if this footage actually exists, the only way any of us will see it is if itís leaked for free on the Internet. Hopefully, this random dude Stone dated doesnít go there. Regardless of how or why the relationship ended, no one deserves to have his or her dirty laundry visually aired out for all to see in such a manner.

Stone hasnít commented publically on her reaction to this sex tape rumor. Given her personality and classiness, itís likely sheíll simply let the whispers trickle away. If she does react, however, weíll let you know what she has to say.
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