Great stories are a part of mankind's history, and there are many that have stood the test of time, being passed from generation to generation for centuries. Among them are the fairy tales shared by the Brothers Grimm. Today, Google has acknowledged the 200th anniversary of the Grimm's Fairy Tales, with an excellent interactive Doodle that tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Published in 1812, the first volume of Grimm's Fairy Tales contained 86 stories based on German fairy tales. Among them is "Little Red Cap," or "Rotkappchen," which tells the story of a little girl who encounters a wolf when she pays a visit to her grandmother. That's the story Google has chosen to use for their acknowledgement of the two-century anniversary of the publication. The video below (via Huffington Post) takes us through the doodle currently posted at, offering some background music and a bit of commentary in the search field…

Or you can go over to Google by clicking the image below to scroll through their doodly version of the story at your own pace.

It's artistic and distinctly Google, while also paying homage to the classic story and the work of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm did, which continues to be celebrated centuries later.

Those who want to read Grimm's Fairy Tales and have access to a Kindle or a Kindle app can get the book for free at The site also has the hardcover version available for purchase.



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