Guy Fieri Reportedly Booted Out Of A New Orleans Club For Throwing A Hissy Fit

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Guy Fieriís colorful and spiky hair is instantly recognizable to fans of the Food Network. That being said, the chef isnít exactly George Clooney. At least thatís what he reportedly found out over the weekend in New Orleans when he tried to get into the VIP section of Second Line Studios and got denied. Had he taken the incident in stride, we likely never would have heard about the slight. Unfortunately for him, he didnít.

According to US Magazine, when Fieri approached the VIP section, he did not have the correct bracelet on. The bouncer told him he wasnít getting inside without it, and apparently, he did not take the news so well. Witnesses allege he caused a scene of such magnitude that the club actually had to boot him out.

I get why Fieri would be annoyed about not getting recognized and granted access to the VIP area, but if youíre a celebrity and you want special perks, you really need to call ahead, get these things arranged and make sure you have the proper bracelets on. Itís not up to random bouncers to be aware of everyone to make sure C-list celebrities donít have any awkward moments.

Deserved or not, Fieri has been acquiring a bit of a negative reputation over the past few years. Hereís to hoping he gets back to churning out enjoyable food and making people smile.
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