We are three years away from a new Star Wars movie, but what exactly that means is anyone’s guess. From the director to the stars to the storyline, Disney hasn’t revealed any information about the direction it might take. Consequently, the Internet has been flooded with rumors over the past week as fans and even those directly involved with the franchise verbalize their hopes and fears.

Earlier today, sources close to Harrison Ford said the actor would be willing to reprise his role as Han Solo in Episode VII, provided he was happy with the script and the director. Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill supposedly feel the same way, which means the three beloved stars could properly hand off the franchise to a new generation via a film that bridges the gap between the original trilogy and the future.

Of course, Ford’s involvement is still a giant if at this point. He has openly talked about his indifference toward Solo in the past, and regardless of how much money Disney throws at him, accepting it won’t change his life. He really will need the right script to return, especially after how poorly the last Indiana Jones went.

I want to think this will all work out and Ford will be on board, but this movie is coming in 2015 whether he’s around or not. What do you think? Will Harrison be in the next Star Wars? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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