Justin Bieber Adds Roses To His Praying Hands Tattoo

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Justin Bieber might not engage in many stereotypical rock star activities while heís touring and recording new music, but he is a huge fan of getting tattoos. Earlier this year, the musician got a pretty sizeable owl tattooed on his arm, and now, heís gone and added new ink to some previous artwork on his leg.

The original tattoo featured hands pushed together in prayer. The newest addition adds some roses underneath to give the picture a fuller, more beautiful appearance. You can take a look at the ink below, courtesy of Bieberís Instagram accountÖ

Iím really not opposed to the Biebs outfitting his body with some tattoos, but at some point, heís going to need to slow down a bit. Covering your entire body in artwork isnít a great call for most people, and since heís only eighteen, if he continues at this rate, heís going to run out of space pretty quickly. That would negate his ability to add anything down the road, which would be frustrating if he encountered something else he really wanted to add to his body.

Not surprisingly, the response to Bieberís new tattoo has been pretty mixed. The artwork itself is really beautiful and well done. It blends in nicely with what is already there, but some of his biggest fans arenít really huge supporters of his body alterations and donít see why this one was necessary in the slightest.
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