Justin Bieber Attacked By Random Dude Inside Toronto Nightclub

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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People are getting fed up with Justin Bieberís nonsense. Once upon a time, they were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when minor problems arose, but today, those supporters are very few and far between. Luckily for the Biebsí, however, people arenít at the point where theyíre interested in randomly attacking him. Well, at least not most people.

According to TMZ, Bieber was inside a nightclub in Toronto at around 3 AM early this morning when he grew tired of the VIP section and decided to get his mingle on. Unfortunately, a random partier was decidedly less excited about that activity, and he put his head down and charged the pop star without warning. Chaos, of course, ensued immediately, but by all accounts, the Biebs actually got the upper hand of the tussel. The random dude was unable to wrestle Justin to the ground, and as the Biebsí bodyguards were pulling him off, the pop star apparently got in a few vicious kicks.

Because the fight ended so quickly and because no one involved was interested in making a bigger issue out of it, the police were not called to deal with what happened. Instead, the still unidentified attacker was given the heave-ho from the club, and Bieber and his entourage packed up their shit and left, as well.

If this story really happened as has been reported, it doesnít sound like Bieber technically did anything wrong. In fact, if some random dude attacked me while I was just hanging out, Iíd give him a flurry of kicks too. That being said, the Biebs still needs to learn that being out and about at 3 AM isnít a great way to stay out of trouble. Most of his problems seem to occur at the end of the night, and if he were to go home at 1 AM every night, I would imagine heíd stay out of the papers a lot more. Itís not as if people are attacking each other at Panera Bread during lunch time.

Without any police involvement, I highly doubt anyone involved here will speak on the record. This random guy is definitely not going to have any interest in coming forward to say he failed at tackling Bieber, who is probably about one hundred and sixty pounds, and thereís no way the celebrity himself will want to acknowledge the fact that his popularity is at such a low point that strangers would attack him without provocation.

If more about this story comes out via a third party, however, we will make sure and bring it to you.
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