Police were called to a Best Buy in the San Fernando Valley last night by an angry shopper. The adult male told officers he was taking a picture of Justin Bieber on his cell phone when one of the pop star’s bodyguards approached and told him to delete the photo immediately. The random dude reportedly obliged because he felt threatened and not long after, gave authorities a ring.

According to TMZ, the Biebs and his crew had already rolled out of Best Buy by the time police arrived, but that didn’t stop the angry shopper from filing a police report. He wants authorities to look into the matter, and they’ve reportedly taken it under advisement.

Over the past few months, Bieber has been hit by two separate incidents involving leaked photographs. Consequently, it’s easy to see why his bodyguards would have a short fuse at the moment. It’s their job to protect Justin from the crazies and also to try and let him live like a normal human being without getting bothered all the time. Considering they didn’t hurt this guy and apparently didn’t threaten him bodily harm either, it’s hard to fault them for what happened. Besides, it’s a dick move to just walk up to a celebrity with your cell phone and take a picture, especially if you’re an adult male. Act like a decent person and just ask.

It would be a shock if this case went anywhere, but if it does, we will keep you updated.



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