Prior to Justin Bieber’s eighteenth birthday, there was a lot of wonder about whether the teen idol could continue his success into adulthood. We likely won’t know the true answer to that for at least another decade, but let’s just say he’s off to a pretty good start. The Biebs’ new single “Boyfriend”, his first since being allowed to smoke, somehow moved an astounding one hundred and seventy-two thousand units during its four twenty-four hour period, and that’s arguably not even the best part.

For all his success, Justin Bieber has never really crushed the radio. His singles “One Time” and “Baby” got some solid airplay, but they actually peaked on the Mainstream Top 40 Airplay Chart at fourteen and sixteen respectively. With “Boyfriend” however, early tracking numbers indicate he could do far better. According to Billboard, the track may well enter the chart in the top twenty. As songs normally rise for a few weeks, he could well wind up in the top ten or even top five. If he does, it’ll be another notch in his belt and a promising signal for future success.

I like Bieber and wish him nothing but the best, but I must say I am a bit confused as to why the airplay seems to be so high for this song in particular. It’s definitely a bit more mature, but it doesn’t quite have the memorability of “Baby”. What do you think? How does “Boyfriend” compare? Listen to the song and then let us know what you think by rating in the poll below…

How Good Is Boyfriend?

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