Justin Bieber has a new video but not a new outlook. A few months after “Under the Mistletoe” dropped, Bieber is still at the finding love game. I have no idea how this makes Selena Gomez feel, but Bieber’s standard proclamation of love in his music is certainly a way to sell records. His newest single, “Boyfriend” premiered over at MTV Thursday night, and now is hip-hopping its way over the Internet.

That’s right, folks, Bieber opted for some swag in his newest track, offering sort of rap-spoken verses that manage to rhyme “you” with “fondue” before popping into a catchy hook that reminds us why Bieber has gotten so popular in the first place. The video features a lot of women in short shorts, including one brunette Bieber particularly has eyes for. Cars and a few dance moves also feature prominently, creating an atmosphere more stereotypical to rap music than the average pop video.

After the video premiered, Bieber said he was going for something more mature. Right. I wasn't aware doing donuts in a parking lot was a right of passage on the way to ultimate maturity. Decide for yourself, below.



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