Justin Bieber Encounters More Driving Problems

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Justin Bieber had yet another run-in with cops in Calabasas this morning. The pop star was driving his white Ferrari at around 4:30 AM when an officer allegedly noticed him go right through a stop sign. He was pulled over immediately for what should have been a routine traffic stop, but unfortunately, it wound up being anything but.

Apparently, the Biebs doesnít have a valid California driverís license, and since he has legally lived in California for more than ten days, thatís technically a crime. It might not be a murder-level or even steal a gumdrop-level crime, but itís still against the law. So, according to TMZ, Bieber was told he would not be allowed to drive home. Luckily, there was an unidentified individual in the passengerís seat who did have a driverís license, and he or she reportedly drove the sweet ride back to the house. There wonít be any long-term repercussions, but if JB wants to keep driving, heíll need to hit up the DMV.

On the surface, thereís really not a ton wrong with this story, but once you start looking at it more closely, itís a mess of details that point to just how disorganized and sophomoric Bieberís life has become. 1) This arrest occurred at 4:30 in the morning on a Wednesday. Why is he even out at 4:30 in the morning on a Wednesday? They say nothing good happens after 2 AM. Whether that's true or not, nothing productive is going to happen at 4:30 AM, unless youíre just waking up to get donuts to bring to work or are just waking up to go for a run prior to work. 2) He blew through a stop sign. Maybe this was just a bad choice of words, but blew through sounds like he just went without even slowing down. I get not coming to a complete stop, but if he really just plowed through without at least pretending to stop, thatís wildly dangerous. 3) Bieber has an army of advisors. I would certainly think one of them told him at some point to go get a California license. Yes, itís annoying. No one likes going to the DMV, but itís something you just have to do.

Itís funny. If Bieberís life was on the up and up right now, no one would even think twice about this story. If Tom Hanks was pulled over at 4:30 in the morning, everyone would assume he was waking up early to head to a movie shoot, only came to a three-quarters stop and was never informed by a single human being that he needed a California license, but thanks to all of Bieberís recent headlines concerning mean-spirited and offensive behavior, itís a whole lot harder to give him the benefit of the doubt.

As someone who once moved to California from out of state, I would strongly advise the Biebs to make an appointment immediately. Wandering in without any prior communication is a guaranteed way to flush three hours of your life.
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