Justin Bieber Looks Like He Just Won A Spelling Bee In His Mugshot

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Getting your mugshot taken might be a shameful experience, but apparently, no one told Justin Bieber that. The rapidly spiraling out of control pop star was arrested last night for drag racing while intoxicated (double whammy), but judging by the post-arrest photograph he took, you would think he just won the Under 16 Canadian Spelling Bee. That exists, right?

Seriously, look at that grin on his face. Itís like heís really stoked at himself for finally netting some streetcred in the form of a police investigation that doesnít involve egging a house. Unfortunately, what he doesnít seem to realize beneath that giant smile is that thereís a distinct possibility he could lose his driverís license or even worse, find himself in real jail for a short spell of time. I donít know about you, but I donít think that smile would go over particularly well with convicts, or at least not well in the way heíd like.

Details are still emerging from the specifics behind his arrest, but basically, it seems the Biebsí buddies and (maybe his father) blocked off a residential street in order to make room for a drag race between the pop star and rapper Khalil. Cops stormed the area a short time later, and gave Bieber a field sobriety test. He allegedly failed, wasnít very compliant and basically acted like a douche bag, leading to DUI, drag racing, suspended license and resisting arrest charges.

During the arrest, he allegedly admitted to drinking alcohol, smoking weed and taking prescription drugs, but given he hasnít spoken publically about the incident and the specifics of the charges are still shaking out, itís unclear what is speculation and what is honest to God fact. Weíll keep you updated.

In the meantime, feel free to reminisce about his downward spiral by watching that abhorrent video of him pissing in a janitorís bucket.
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